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WinRM Gem Changelog


  • Fix Kerberos decryption corruption


  • Limit the files that are shipped in the gem artifact
  • Use peer_cert for validation to prevent validating the signing cert


  • Fixes rwinrm command
  • Use pack('S*') instead of .chr so full utf-16 can be supported
  • Omi Server compatibility fixes


  • Revert change made in 2.2.2 that retries network errors in Close and cleanup


  • Update PSRP buffer size
  • Close and cleanup should retry on error and never raise net errors


  • Ignore error 2150858843 during shell closing


  • Allow run_wql to accept custom namespace
  • Allow enumeration of WQL result sets


  • Ignore WSManFault 2150858843 during command cleanup
  • Uns Integer in place of Fixnum to remove deprecation warnings in ruby 2.4


  • Fix kerberos transport


  • Fix rendering of powershell output with non ascii UTF-8 characters emitted from executables


  • Expose shell options when creating a winrm shell


  • Do not swallow exit codes from executables


  • Constrain to rubyntlm >= 0.6.1 to avoid mutating frozen strings
  • When using certificate authentication, do not validate presense of user and password
  • Handle failed PIPELINE_STATE messages so that throw errors are not swallowed


  • Fixed Powershell shell leakage when not explicitly closed
  • Fixed cmd commands with responses that extend beyond one stream


  • Cleaned up API and implemented Powershell Remoting Protocol (PSRP) for all powershell calls.


  • Http receive timeout should always be equal to 10 seconds greater than the winrm operation timeout and not default to one hour


  • Add certificate authentication


  • Open a new shell if the current shell has been deleted


  • Fix regression where BOM appears in 2008R2 output and is not stripped


  • Fix OS version comparisons for Windows 10 using Gem::Version instead of strings


  • Bump rubyntlm gem to 0.6.0 to get channel binding support for HTTPS fixing connections to endoints with CbtHardeningLevel set to Strict
  • Fix for parsing binary data in command output


  • Use codepage 437 by default on os versions older than Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2


  • Adding :negotiate transport providing NTLM/Negotiate encryption of WinRM requests and responses
  • Removed dependency on UUIDTools gem
  • Extending accepted error codes for retry behavior to include Errno::ETIMEDOUT
  • Correct deprecation warning for WinRMWebService.run_powershell_script


  • Deprecating WinRM::WinRMWebService methods cmd, run_cmd, powershell, and run_powershell_script in favor of the run_cmd and run_powershell_script methods of the WinRM::CommandExecutor class. The CommandExecutor allows multiple commands to be run from the same WinRM shell providing a significant performance improvement when issuing multiple calls.
  • Added an :ssl_peer_fingerprint option to be used instead of :no_ssl_peer_verification and allows a specific certificate to be verified.
  • Opening a winrm shell is retriable with configurable delay and retry limit.
  • Logging apends to stdout by default and can be replaced with a logger from a consuming application.


  • Added WinRM::Version so the gem version is available at runtime for consumers.


  • Remove BOM from response (Issue #159) added by Windows 2008R2


  • Widen logging version constraints to include 2.0
  • Use codepage 65001 (UTF-8)


  • Relaxed version pins on dev dependencies


  • Fixed issue 133, rwinrm allow hostnames with dashes
  • Use duck typing for powershell script read


  • Add spec.license attribute to gemspec
  • Bump RSpec dependency 3.0 to 3.2


  • Fixed issue 129, long running commands could cause a stackoverflow exception
  • Fixed use of sub! in run_command results in spurious capture/replacement of & sequences
  • Fixed issue 124 rwinrm won't take '.' characters in username


  • Fixed multiple issues with WinRMHTTPTransportError incorrectly being raised
  • Refactored and added more unit and integration tests
  • Added ability to write to stdin
  • Added rwinrm binary to launch remote shell
  • Added WINRM_LOG env var to set log level
  • Retry Kerberos auth once if 401 response is received
  • Remove Savon dependency and use newer versions of underlying dependencies
  • Remove Nokogiri dependency and replace with native Ruby XML
  • Fixed issue 85, ensure WQL response is not nil
  • All WinRM library errors inherit from base class WinRMError
  • Integrations tests should now pass on Windows Server 2008+
  • Bump Ruby NTLM gem version dependency
  • HTTP client receive timeout is now configurable via set_timeout
  • Added backwards compatible Output class to make it easier to collect output
  • Bumped gssapi dependency from 1.0 to 1.2 and fixed issue 54
  • Added Rubocop to build
  • Fixed error when commands contain a newline character


  • Allow user to disable SSL peer ceritifcate validation #44
  • Allow commands with "'" chars on Ruby 2.x, fixes #69
  • Fixed uninitialized constant Module::Kconv in Ruby 2.x, fixes #65
  • Commands with non-ASCII chars should work, #70
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