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GSSAPI for NTLM authentication #23

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I need to use the winrm gem to run scripts on a server in Workgroup and I would like the communication be encrypted like between two Windows servers in Workgroup.

The GSSAPI module seems to work only with Kerberos authentication for the moment.
Can you confirm that ?

In that case, do you plan to modify this gem to support SPNEGO authentication mecanisms ?

Thanks for help

WinRb member

You are correct that message encryption only works with Kerberos today. I would like to support SPNEGO at some time in the future, but I just haven't had a use for it myself so I haven't made it a priority. If you would like to work on it I would gladly incorporate it into the WinRM codebase.




aha! thank you. I did see this but didn't make the connection. I don't have the prerequisite knowledge to get this done myself, but if someone were to volunteer their time, I will fund it, so that it makes it into the WinRM codebase.

WinRb member

Let me think about this. I might start a Kickstarter page if people want to sponsor the development for SPNEGO message encryption.


that might work, or let me know what the estimate will be and my firm @full360 will fund it. Drop me an email rohit{.}amarnath{@}


I am going to close this and leave open the Milestone item #37. @ramarnat I would love to talk with you further about your requirements.

@pmorton pmorton closed this

@pmorton drop me an email at rohit@full360

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