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Type & send SMS on Pebble smartwatches
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Type and send SMS with your wrist - using Pebble's accelerometer!
Great for short replies, and capable of long messages if desired.

Just in case, here are the controls:
- Wrist rotate: Choose letter/letter group
- Select: Insert letter/select group
- Select long-press: Send message
- Up: Backspace/return to group list
- Down: Shift > Caps lock > neither

Future plans (high-to-low priority):
- Pick a contact to send to instead of a thread
- Type a number to send to instead of picking a thread
- Customizable hotwords and emoticons
- Message history (not entirely needed as Pebble has notification history)

I am very new to C (and Pebble), so pull requests & issues are definitely welcome :)
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