Shiny demo of A/B test planning and evaluation (improved UI for A/B testing method taught in free video course)
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Shiny demo of A/B test planning and evaluation

Improved user interface for A/B testing theory taught in this free video course Bayesian A/B campaign testing (and design).

Also available as a public running app.

Win-Vector LLC's free video lecture on Bayesian A/B testing

Source code: App hosted online at:

Newer (better) online app: Newer (better) source code:

The course emphasizes how to design A/B tests using prior "guestimates" of effect sizes (often you have these from prior campaigns, or somebody claims an effect size and it is merely your job to confirm it) using Bayesian tools.

The solution is coded in R and Nina Zumel has contributed an updated Shiny user interface demonstrating the technique.

This sort of fills out our survey of ways to think about A/B testing:

See here for another survey of our on the topic: