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Example code and data for "Practical Data Science with R" by Nina Zumel and John Mount, Manning 2014.

The code and data in this directory supports examples from:

  • Chapter 5: Choosing and Evaluating Models
  • Chapter 6: Using Memorization Methods

A workspace containing most of the results has been saved as KDD2009.Rdata and can be loaded in R with the command:


(note you will have to re-load various libraries like ROCR to perform some of the steps).

6-2-2013 Data from: http://www.sigkdd.org/kdd-cup-2009-customer-relationship-prediction Downloaded: $ shasum * e43a38e3477e38b354943519954b719ec7623c2f orange_small_train.data.zip 8274d23235630717659898900b7f74092ff339ad orange_small_train_appetency.labels.txt ec2de79844657fb892ec9047e6304c12b296ff68 orange_small_train_churn.labels.txt 4cd2d7c9b20fd3638883a91a2fed6a03a4d5d015 orange_small_train_upselling.labels.txt Data to support examples in the chapter on memorization methods in "Practical Data Science with R" ( http://www.manning.com/zumel/ ).

Load data:

  unzip orange_small_train.data.zip
  gzip -9 orange_small_train.data

See KDDmodels.Rmd for examples and details and KDD2009vtreat.Rmd for a newer vtreat based demonstration.