A rugged GSM-enabled weatherstation
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WindWiz is an open-source weatherstation project. Its primary purpose is to act
as a wind sensor node along the coasts of southern Sweden. The measurements are 
sent back using IP over the cellular network (GPRS).

* Measurements of wind speed and direction.
* Measurements of air temperature.
* Remote control/configuration via SMS.
* Periodical transmission of current wind conditions over GPRS to a 
configurable IP.
* Rugged design, must withstand rain, snow, temperatures from -20C to +40C.
* Solar powered, with battery backup.
* Reliable, 24/7 operation.
* Total buildcost, ~6000 SEK (swedish currency)

The primary focus of this project is the construction of the actual sensor node
hardware. It includes schematics of the electronics, software (with sourcecode)
running inside the embedded microcontroller, and mechanical details on the 
rugged casing. 

The data samples are transmitted over IP to another system responsible for data
collection and visualization. This is outside the scope of this project.

More information is available at the project homepage:

  http://vind.minimum.se/ (swedish only)