Module for creating and displaying Toast Notifications on Microsoft Windows 10.
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PowerShell Module for displaying Windows 10 Toast Notifications


PowerShell Gallery Install (Requires PowerShell v5)

Install-Module -Name BurntToast

See the PowerShell Gallery for the complete details and instructions.

Manual Install

Download and extract the contents into C:\Users\[User]\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\modules\BurntToast (you may have to create these directories if they don't exist.)

Please remember to "unblock" the zip file before extracting the contents. Not doing so will result in the module not working correctly. This can be done via the file properties or with Unblock-File.


Default Toast


BurntToast Notification Example Default

Customized Toast

New-BurntToastNotification -AppLogo C:\smile.jpg -Text "Don't forget to smile!",
                                                       'Your script ran successfully, celebrate!' 

BurntToast Notification Example Custom

Alarm Clock

New-BurntToastNotification -Text 'WAKE UP!' -Sound 'Alarm2' -SnoozeAndDismiss

BurntToast Notification Example Alarm

Engine Events

Register-EngineEvent -SourceIdentifier Powershell.Exiting -Action {
    $Header = New-BTHeader -Id 1 -Title "Automation Done"
    New-BurntToastNotification -Text "Hey there! That script you wrote is finished." -Silent -Header $Header

Toast Reminders

Find the New-ToastReminder function in the linked example

New-ToastReminder -Minutes 30 -ReminderTitle 'Hey you' -ReminderText 'The coffee is brewed'

Toast Job Notifications

$BurntJob = Start-Job -ScriptBlock {Start-Sleep 5;Get-date} -Name "BurntJob"

$BurntEvent = Register-ObjectEvent $BurntJob StateChanged -Action {
    New-BurntToastNotification -Text "Job: $($BurntJob.Name) completed"
    $BurntEvent | Unregister-Event

Toast Job Notifications

$Destination = ""
$ScriptBlock = {
	$TimesLooped = 0
	while ( $Duration -le $TimesLooped) {
		if ( Test-Connection -ComputerName $using:Destination -Count 1 -Quiet ) {
			New-BurntToastNotification -Text ($using:Destination + " is online"), ("Last checked :" + (Get-Date).ToString()) -UniqueIdentifier $using:Destination
		else {
			New-BurntToastNotification -Text ($using:Destination + " is offline"), ("Last checked :" + (Get-Date).ToString()) -UniqueIdentifier $using:Destination
		Start-Sleep -Seconds 5
Start-Job -Name $Destination -ScriptBlock $ScriptBlock

Toast Job Notification (gif)


Please note: as of v0.5.0, BurntToast no longer works on Windows 8.

  • Bleeding Edge (Development/Raw Repo - CAUTION)
  • v0.6.2
    • Updated UWP Toolkit to 2.2.0
    • Fixed an issue with sound looping
    • New-BurntToastNotification now accepts multiple ProgressBar objects
    • Fixed Issue #28, ProgressBars should now work for all locales
    • Fixed Issue #18, Images from the internet will now be downloaded locally
      • Supports regular images, hero images, and applogo
    • All functions now included in .psm1 for release (Thanks @chrislgardner)
  • v0.6.1
    • Customizable AppId removed from the New-BurntToastNotification function as a quick fix for Fall Creators Update.
      • If you''re using a customized AppId and are not upgrading to the Fall Creators Update, then stay on version 0.6.0.
    • Default AppId changed to match PowerShell.exe.
    • Registry entry for AppId is now automatically created when the module loads.
    • Included UWPCommunityToolkit library updated to v2.0.0.
  • v0.6.0
    • Updated bundled UWP Toolkit to 1.4.1
      • Note that this caused an issue where strings were being wrapped with curly braces in end results. A workaround has been implemented, but could mean that if you legitimately use some rather obscure strings, they may have the braces removed.
    • Hero Images working now (Thanks to Creators Update)
    • Headers can now be included (Creators Update feature)
    • Progress bars can now be included (Creators Update feature)
    • Specify a unique identifier in order to replace existing toasts
    • You can specify a custom sound file using the -Path parameter of the New-BTAudio function. This hasn''t been exposed through the main function... that poor thing is getting bloated.
    • There is now help for every public function, and the online version for each of them can be found on github. Specify the -Online switch when using Get-Help to be taken directly there.
  • v0.5.2
    • Exposed ability to have custom buttons via New-BurntToastNotification, passing result from New-BTButton to the -Button parameter.
      • Expect a blog post soon covering some cool ways to use these buttons. Keep an eye out on
    • Fixed module commands not auto-loading by removing Basic/Advanced function designation ( :( ).
    • Help created for New-BTButton, and the function has had a pass to ensure it works as per the community toolkit.
    • Help completed for New-BurntToastNotification, and Toast alias now exporting correctly.
  • v0.5.1
    • Small bug fixes (thanks for opening issues!)
    • Confirmed: Now ONLY works on Windows 10
    • BurntToast now has its own, original, logo!
    • New public function to adjust function level of module: Set-BTFunctionLevel
    • Implemented checking for and registering of AppId in the registry to ensure proper Toast behaviour in the Action Center
  • v0.5.0
    • Converted to using the UWP Community Toolkit.
    • Snooze and Dismiss now available and working.
    • Documentation is out of date, this will be polished in the next release.
  • v0.4.0 - Last version that supports Windows 8
    • Credential parameter added so toasts can be generated for regular user when running PowerShell host as a different (e.g. Admin) account.
  • v0.3.0
    • Help has been added
    • Toasts can be silent with -Silent switch
    • General bug fixes
  • v0.2.0
  • v0.1.0




Image Credit

The default image for BurntToast Notifications is a photo taken by Craig Sunter