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# Bootstrap step
if ($Bootstrap.IsPresent) {
Write-Information "Validate and install missing prerequisits for building ..."
# For tweeting
if (-not (Get-Module -Name PSTwitterAPI -ListAvailable)) {
Write-Warning "Module 'PSTwitterAPI' is missing. Installing 'PSTwitterAPI' ..."
Install-Module -Name PSTwitterAPI -Scope CurrentUser -Force
# Define Tag step
if ($DefineTag.IsPresent) {
$ReleaseVersion = Get-Content -Path $env:ArtifactDir\PipelinesScripts\release-version.txt
Write-Host "##vso[task.setvariable variable=RELEASETAG]$ReleaseVersion"
# Publish step
if ($Publish.IsPresent) {
# Publish Module to PowerShell Gallery
Try {
$Splat = @{
Path = (Resolve-Path -Path $env:ArtifactDir\BurntToast)
NuGetApiKey = $env:PSGallery
ErrorAction = 'Stop'
Publish-Module @Splat
Write-Output -InputObject ('BurntToast PowerShell Module published to the PowerShell Gallery')
} Catch {
throw $_
# Announce step
if($Announce.IsPresent) {
if (-not (Get-Module -Name PSTwitterAPI -ListAvailable)) {
throw "Cannot find the 'PSTwitterAPI' module. Please specify '-Bootstrap' to install release dependencies."
Import-Module -Name PSTwitterAPI
$OAuthSettings = @{
ApiKey = $env:TwitterConsumerKey
ApiSecret = $env:TwitterConsumerSecret
AccessToken = $env:TwitterAccessToken
AccessTokenSecret = $env:TwitterAccessSecret
Set-TwitterOAuthSettings @OAuthSettings
$ReleaseVersion = Get-Content -Path $env:ArtifactDir\PipelinesScripts\release-version.txt
$Tweets = @("I just pushed BurntToast v$ReleaseVersion to the #PowerShell Gallery via @AzureDevOps!$([System.Environment]::NewLine)$([System.Environment]::NewLine)$env:ReleaseMessage$([System.Environment]::NewLine)$([System.Environment]::NewLine)$ReleaseVersion",
"You can also find this release over on @GitHub.$([System.Environment]::NewLine)$([System.Environment]::NewLine)Please do fire through any issue, feature requests, or submit some additional code!$([System.Environment]::NewLine)$([System.Environment]::NewLine)$ReleaseVersion")
foreach ($Tweet in $Tweets) {
if ($PrevTweet) {
$PrevTweet = Send-TwitterStatuses_Update -in_reply_to_status_id $ -status $Tweet
} else {
$PrevTweet = Send-TwitterStatuses_Update -status $Tweet
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