Enabling automatic crash dumps

Stjepan Bakrac edited this page Jan 31, 2017 · 5 revisions

To enable automatic crash dumps, download this file, place it in your Windower folder and then run it. Now every time you crash a crash dump should appear in Windower/dumps/. This does not require a system reboot or even relaunching POL, it should work from the moment the file is run.

It will save up to four crash dumps, any further crash dumps created will overwrite the oldest one in the folder. This is done due to space concerns, as a single crash dump will usually take up 20-30MB and leaving this unlimited could eat up hard drive space quickly.

Note: This has not been confirmed to work on Windows XP yet. Any input on that would be appreciated.

Note: This will not catch all crashes. A crash to desktop will still not produce any crash dumps (just like with WinDbg), so it's not possible to use this for all types of crashes.

Note: The WinDbg method of creating crash dumps has more options and is more flexible but requires you to attach a debugger and manually initiate the dumping. It should only be used if the method described here does not provide enough information for us and we request something else.

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