Action Category 06

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Category for the initiation/execution of most job abilities.

Note: Some Job Abilities that do direct damage fall into Action Category 03, and some with unblinkable animations fall into Action Category 14.

  • actor_id: mob id of JA user
  • category: 6
  • param: Job ability ID (from abils.xml resource)
  • targets
    • id: mob id the ability is used on
    • actions
      • param: Status ID gained, damage done, or HP/MP/TP amount gained depending on the message
      • message: 0 indicates no log message (like for maneuvers)
      • reaction: 16 observed
      • unknown: always 0?
  • unknown: always 0?

Scavenge (after the April Update) breaks the above "action" subtable format and uses this one instead:

  • action
    • param: item ID scavenged
    • add_effect_param: number of items scavenged
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