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windower.register_event('action', function(act)
    --[[ Code to execute ]]

The act parameter is a table containing the action information. The structure is as follows:

  • actor_id int
    The ID belonging to the person performing the action. In the case of an attack, this would be the attacker.
  • target_count int
    Number of targets.
  • category int
  • param int
    A parameter passed usually to further identify the type of action, such as spell/ability ID.
  • unknown int
    Related to cast animations; not fully understood.
  • recast int
    Spell recast time.
  • targets array
    Contains all targets affected by the action, each consisting of the following values:
    • id int
      The ID of the target that was affected.
    • action_count int
      The number of actions directed at that target. In the case of a melee round, this would be the number of attacks in that round.
    • actions array
      Contains all actions performed on a single target (with ID id).
      • reaction int
        • 1: Evade
        • 2: Parry
        • 4: Block/Guard
        • 8: Hit
      • animation int
        • 0: Main hand
        • 1: Off hand
        • 2: Left kick
        • 3: Right kick
      • effect int
        • 2: Critical Hit
      • stagger int
        Animation the target does when being hit. It appears with categories 3 and 7 as well (physical and magic WS respectively).
      • param int
        A specific parameter for this action. Typically the damage number or spell ID.
      • message int _ A message to be displayed, given certain parameters. Refer to Message IDs for a full reference.
      • unknown int
      • has_add_effect boolean
        true if there is an additional effect, false otherwise
      • add_effect_animation int
        ID of the animation. See Additional Effect IDs for a full reference.
      • add_effect_effect int
        0 for attacks and abilities that do not have an additional status effect.
      • add_effect_param int
        Usually the damage dealt by the additional effect, including Skillchain damage for weapon skills.
      • add_effect_message int
        Message for the additional effect. See the Message IDs reference.
      • has_spike_effect boolean
        true if there is a spike effect, false otherwise.
      • spike_effect_animation int
        • 1: Blaze Spikes
        • 2: Ice Spikes
        • 3: Dread Spikes
        • 4: Water Spikes
        • 5: Shock Spikes
        • 6: Reprisal
        • 7: Wind Spikes
        • 8: Stone Spikes
        • 63: Counter
      • spike_effect_effect int
        • 2: Critical hit
      • spike_effect_param int
      • spike_effect_message int
        • Message for the spike effect. See the Message IDs reference.