Hamburger Template

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#Welcome to the Hamburger template

The Hamburger template builds on the foundation of the Minimal template by showing one way that the hamburger control can be used. You are welcome to customize your implementation.

Hit F5 right now and run your new app! To refresh Visual Studio's intellisense, follow this:

  1. Press Ctrl+Q, type pac man gen
  2. Ensure Allow NuGet to download missing packages is checked.
  3. Ensure Automatically check for missing packages during build in Visual Studio is checked.
  4. Right-click your Solution, and select Clean.
  5. Right-click your Solution, and select Rebuild.
  6. Select your project, and click the Refresh button at the top of Solution Explorer.

Congratulations, you can now use your project without "missing assemblies" errors. If you want, return the Package Manager Settings back to their original values. This will make your builds significantly faster.

The approach taken is to create a frame consisting of a ModalDialog that then shows the HamburgerMenu control alongside the current page that the user has navigated to. The frame is created with the following code in App.xaml.cs:

if (Window.Current.Content as ModalDialog == null)
    // create a new frame 
    var nav = NavigationServiceFactory(BackButton.Attach, ExistingContent.Include);

    // create modal root
    Window.Current.Content = new ModalDialog
        DisableBackButtonWhenModal = true,
        Content = new Views.Shell(nav),
        ModalContent = new Views.Busy(),

This is executed in OnInitializeAsync and a more detailed explanation can be found in Implementing a shell. This approach ensures that the HamburgerMenu is displayed on every page without the developer needing to add it explicitly to every page.

If you are seeing squiggly lines after creating a project with this template, please follow the instructions to fix missing assemblies.

Do you have technical questions you want to ask the community? Use the Template10 tag on StackOverflow.