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Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS (Cloud Ready Packages)

The Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS is a toolkit for developers to make it easy to access Windows Azure storage services from native iOS applications. The toolkit can be used for both iPhone and iPad applications, developed using Objective-C and Xcode.

The toolkit works in two ways – the toolkit can be used to access Windows Azure storage directly, or alternatively, can go through a proxy server. The proxy server code is the same code as used in the WP7 toolkit for Windows Azure (found here) and negates the need for the developer to store the Azure storage credentials locally on the device. If you are planning to test using the proxy server, you’ll need to download and deploy the services found in the cloudreadypackages here on GitHub.

Each package contains a getting started on how to configure and upload your package to Windows Azure.

The Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS is made available as an open source product under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


For additional questions or feedback, please contact the team.

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