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title: Going to school feels like...
author: Windy Darian
wordpress_id: 986
date: '2016-03-05 23:44:18 +0900'
date_gmt: '2016-03-05 23:44:18 +0900'
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- 作品/Creations
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author: Xiangshun Bei
date: '2016-03-09 01:26:01 +0900'
date_gmt: '2016-03-09 01:26:01 +0900'
content: 赞,怎么做的?
<p>Wind is blowing.<br />
The snow hit you in your face.<br />
Though you may not be able to feel it,<br />
It is cold.</p>
<p>And you are alone on the way.</p>
<p>But don't worry.<br />
Maybe if you pass the canyon,<br />
You will see the castle.</p>
<p>(An interactive environment created using Unreal Engine. Still a work-in-progress. May introduce VR later.)</p>
<p>[gallery columns="4" ids="976,977,978,979"]</p>
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