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title: AR Paint Ball
author: Windy Darian
wordpress_id: 1145
date: '2016-11-01 03:54:50 +0900'
date_gmt: '2016-11-01 03:54:50 +0900'
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author: 狄学长
date: '2016-11-07 01:00:32 +0900'
date_gmt: '2016-11-07 01:00:32 +0900'
content: 看着不错,然而和众多youtuber一样,10秒钟的内容硬是做了2分钟。。。评个论这么麻烦
- id: 731
author: windydarian
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date: '2016-11-18 21:34:07 +0900'
date_gmt: '2016-11-18 21:34:07 +0900'
content: "(懒得剪于是剪了"
<p>Teaching assistant is a tough job..</p>
<p>And the video above is an AR assignment basecode/demo I created as teaching assistant for CIS568-Game Design Practicum at UPenn. The concept is use the phone as a paint gun and PC screen as canvas. I used Vuforia AR plugin and Photon networking plugin with Unity, and combined inputs from camera and gyroscope.</p>
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