Winetricks is an easy way to work around problems in Wine
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Homepage of Winetricks, previously hosted at

Winetricks is an easy way to work around problems in Wine.

It has a menu of supported games/apps for which it can do all the workarounds automatically. It also lets you install missing DLLs or tweak various Wine settings individually.

The latest version can be downloaded here:

Tagged releases are accessible here:

Custom .verb files

You can pass winetricks a custom .verb (format below), that can be used to add new dlls/settings/programs.

Example icecat.verb:

w_metadata icecat apps \
    title="GNU Icecat 31.7.0" \
    publisher="GNU Foundation" \
    year="2016" \
    media="download" \
    file1="" \

    w_download b9f49144f07044f12afc390acb36bf93e174e199
    w_try_unzip "${W_PROGRAMS_X86_UNIX}" "${W_CACHE}/${W_PACKAGE}/${file1}"

Note that the filename and command name (icecat) must match. All metadata fields are optional, only command name and category required.


The tests need checkbashisms and shellcheck installed. Makefile supports two tests targets, check and test. make check will run tests/winetricks-test, while make test will first delete winetricks' cache, then run tests/winetricks-test, to ensure that the downloads are still valid.