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@@ -201,10 +201,10 @@ Note that the file prefix (icecat.verb) and command name (icecat) must match. Al
The tests need `bashate`, `checkbashisms`, and `shellcheck>=0.4.4` installed.
Makefile supports a few test targets:

* check - runs './tests/winetricks-tests quick' (without first clearing $WINETRICKS_CACHE)
* shell-checks - runs './tests/shell-checks'
* test - runs './tests/winetricks-tests full' (and clears $WINETRICKS_CACHE first)
* xvfb-check - runs './tests/winetricks-tests xvfb-check' (without first clearing $WINETRICKS_CACHE first)
* `check` - runs './tests/winetricks-tests quick' (without first clearing $WINETRICKS_CACHE)
* `shell-checks` - runs './tests/shell-checks'
* `test` - runs './tests/winetricks-tests full' (and clears $WINETRICKS_CACHE first)
* `xvfb-check` - runs './tests/winetricks-tests xvfb-check' (without first clearing $WINETRICKS_CACHE first)

# Support
* Winetricks is maintained by Austin English <>.

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