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mt4: Fixes MT4 installation

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kenorb authored and austin987 committed May 8, 2019
1 parent ef270d9 commit d54ff5b3c44587e5d01dbc1a52619be7bb5e8f82
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# No documented silent install option, unfortunately..
# No documented silent install option, unfortunately.
w_try_cd "$W_CACHE/$W_PACKAGE"
w_ahk_do "
Run, ${file1}
WinWait, MetaTrader Setup, license agreement
SetTitleMatchMode, RegEx
WinWaitActive, 4 Setup
Sleep, 200
ControlClick, Button1
Sleep 100
Sleep, 200
ControlClick, Button3
WinWait, MetaTrader Setup, Installation successfully completed
ControlClick, Button4
Process, Wait, terminal.exe
Process, Close, terminal.exe
WinWaitClose ; Wait for installer to finish
Process, Wait, Terminal.exe
WinWaitActive, ahk_class #32770
Process, Close, Terminal.exe

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