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Wingman Client

LGPLv3 Releases Travis-CI

Wingman is an open source Oldschool RuneScape client.

Here are some of the features Wingman has to offer:

  • Plugin support
    • Very fast and efficient game API
    • Easy-to-use event listener system
    • Supports JARed plugins
  • Settings screen
    • Entries easily insertable by plugins
  • Ability to add/remove game code using ASM
    • Make plugins out of the ordinary


If you like your Wingman kept up to date, and you are not running the client from source, consider using the launcher which downloads the latest Wingman release.


The plugin loader attempts to find and register all @Plugin annotated classes visible by the class loader. The class loader knows of all files in the client + user.home/Wingman/plugins.

More information is available on the wiki.


Wingman uses Gradle for dependency management and building. Building from your own PC is really simple.

The project uses the us.kirchmeier.capsule plugin for packing the source and dependencies into a fully runnable JAR. Try this code to generate Wingman-capsule.jar*, which will reside in /build/libs:

gradlew fatCapsule

In order to build the project without dependencies, you can replace gradle fatCapsule with gradle build, as shown below.

gradlew build

(*Note that Wingman-capsule.jar is named Wingman.jar in the releases.)


Contributing to the development of the client can be done by forking the project, making a change and then creating a pull request. You are also highly welcome to submit a new issue when something has gone wrong or when you want to suggest a new feature.

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