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#Angular-MVC-Cookbook Maintenance

This project is no longer maintained. Please see projects at for current examples.

##Angular.js and ASP.NET MVC Cookbook.

This repository contains examples of integrating Angular.js and ASP.NET MVC. The AngularJS/MVC Cookbook found at GitHub at


  • Basic Project - provides a basic MVC 4 application that includes AngularJS and other components. Other examples build upon this.
  • Simple Routing - example of simple routing of dynamic views and unit testing controllers.
  • CRUD Operations - example of CRUD operations.

##Blog Posts (Newest First)




  • v1.3 - upgraded projects to AngularJS v1.1.4.
  • v1.2 - added CRUD Operations example.
  • v1.1 - added Simple Routing example.
  • v1.0 - initial version.