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Wintellect PowerShell Module

After posting many random PowerShell scripts in my blog , I packaged them up into a common module to make sharing and incorporating easier. Please fork and let me know if there's any bugs you find. I hope you find it useful.

WintellectPowerShell is in the PowerShell Gallery. To install, execute the following command:

Install-Module -Name WintellectPowerShell -Scope CurrentUser

If you had a previous version of WintellectPowerShell installed and you get an error about the 'Authenticode issuer' that is because I had to renew my code signature file. Add the -SkipPublisherCheck to the above command. All required files are properly digitally signed.

Here's the about text showing all cmdlets. Of course, all cmdlets have detailed help for more information.


    Provides cmdlets for setting up symbol servers and other 
    functionality related to debugging and performance tuning.
    This module makes setting up symbol servers and source server debugging 
    functionality easier to control for Visual Studio 2013 through 2017 
    and WinDBG. Setting up a development machine for symbol server 
    access is more difficult than it needs to be but no more.
    You can have any combination of Visual Studio 2013 through 2017, and
    WinDBG on the computer for these cmdlets to work.
    These cmdlets had been originally developed as PowerShell scripts by John 
    Robbins and released on his blog. This module combines all the separate 
    scripts to make everything easier to manage.
    If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please contact John 
    at john@wintellect.com.
    The following cmdlets are included.

    Cmdlet                         Description
    ------------------             ----------------------------------------------
    Set-SymbolAndSourceServer      Sets up a computer to use a symbol and source
                                   server. (Combines Set-SymbolServer and 
                                   Set-Source Server)

    Set-SymbolServer               Sets up a computer to use a symbol server.
    Get-SymbolServer               Returns a hashtable of the current symbol 
                                   server settings.

    Set-SourceServer               Sets the source server directory.

    Get-SourceServer               Returns a hashtable of the current source 
                                   server settings
    Get-SourceServerFiles          Prepopulate your symbol cache with all your
                                   Source Server extracted source code.
    Get-SysinternalsSuite          Gets all the wonderful Sysinternals tools
    Get-Uptime                     Returns how long a computer has been running.
    Test-PathReg                   Utility function to test is a registry key 
                                   property exists in a key.

    Remove-IntelliTraceFiles       Removes no longer needed IntelliTrace files.

    Compare-Directories            Compares two directories.

    Merge-HashTables               Utility function to merge two hash tables 

    Set-ProjectProperties          Makes setting Visual Studio project options 
                                   super easy.

    Add-NgenPdbs                   Easily create PDB files from NGEN'd images on 
                                   a machine.

    Set-Environment                Alias to "set" to bring the DOS set command 
                                   to PowerShell.

    Invoke-CmdScript               Executes a CMD script and imports the 
                                   environment variables set in the script to 
                                   the current PowerShell instance.

    Import-VisualStudioEnvironment Executes the specified Visual Studio 
                                   VCVARSALL.BAT file importing the environment
                                   variables into PowerShell for command line

    Set-Signatures                 Makes digitally signing files a lot easier by
                               	   looking for the first non-Azure code signing 
                                   file and picking the timestamp server.

    Get-DumpAnalysis               Automates analyzing a bunch of minidump  
                                   files using CDB and debug scripts.

    Online help and updates: 
    GitHub repository      :