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commit 8637effd8a0c8486a4e89bdae57b9cce4b02abc9 1 parent 99eac72
@Winter-Guerra authored
17 ParametricHerringboneGears.scad
@@ -1,13 +1,24 @@
+//This is a modified version of Christopher "ScribbleJ" Jansen's
+//ParametricHerringboneGears.scad library.
+//I edited the library to be more usable as a library and less of a
+//extruder gear generator tool.
+//Please read the header at the top of the included TripodGears.scad
+//file for more info.
+//January 17th, 2012
+//Below lies the originally file header:
// OpenSCAD Herringbone Wade's Gears Script
// (c) 2011, Christopher "ScribbleJ" Jansen
// Thanks to Greg Frost for his great "Involute Gears" script.
// Licensed under the BSD license.
-include <MCAD/involute_gears.scad>
-//Edited by XtremD
+include <MCAD/involute_gears.scad>
// Tolerances for geometry connections.
42 TripodBaseGears.scad → TripodGears.scad
@@ -1,11 +1,42 @@
-//This will make the base for the tripod and the gears that go with it.
+//This is the OpenScad script I coded for generating the different gears
+//required for a xbee and stepper-motor driven camera mount
+//for a school play. More info on the current status of the project can
+//be found at its thingiverse page:
+//or at my code's Github repo here:
+//and here:
-use <ParametricHerringboneGears.scad> //Import the gears library
+//Many thanks to Christopher "ScribbleJ" Jansen and Greg Frost for
+//laying the foundational herringbone gear library I used.
+//This script is released under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license which
+//can be read about here:
+//The ParametricHerringboneGears.scad library file created by
+//Christopher "ScribbleJ" Jansen and Greg Frost is released (by them) under the
+//BSD license ( and can be found
+//unaltered at ScribbleJ's Thingiverse page here:
+//Now go make something cool!
+//January 17th, 2012
+//Import the gears library
+use <ParametricHerringboneGears.scad>
+//Notes to self:
//Stepper shaft 4.79mm
//Stepper MOTOR side, 41.9mm
//Stpper MOTOR height 32.8mm
@@ -41,6 +72,9 @@ lazySusanRadius = (lazySusanDiameter)/2;
bigGearDiameter = lazySusanDiameter+5;
+//As I only knew the diameter I needed the base gear to be, I needed
+//OpenScad to calculate the diameter of the smaller, stepper-driven gear
+//while still using the 2:1 gear ratio I wanted. (50:25)
distance_between_axels = 180*(smallGearTeeth + baseGearTeeth)*(bigGearDiameter)/(baseGearTeeth*360);
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