Run ‘n’ Gun meets RPG
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Chaos Projectile - Run 'n' Gun meets RPG


Chaos Projectile is an open source 2-dimensional action arcade game with role-playing elements, currently in development.


The game is set in the run’n’gun genre but there will also be character development system with which the character can gain additional attributes or actions permanently over the course of the game. Every level has multiple exits. Dependent on what exit the player chooses, different character attributes get changed or actions unlocked. The setting is inspired after ancient Egypt. Visual elements of the Art Nouveau era are present, as well as influences from the Cthulhu cult by Lovecraft.



On game start a control settings screen is shown. It is possible to customize game actions and play the game with connected gamepad. Make sure the gamepad is connected and on before starting the game otherwise the game can't identify the gamepad. Sometimes it takes a second till the imput is reassigned. ESC key exits the game and ENTER key is for pause. BACKSPACE resets/reloads the game.

Control suggestions:

  • Default (are shown on image above):
    • aim: mouse move
    • attack: mouseclick
    • movement: A W D keys
    • in settings screen toggle "use default settings"
  • Game pad with double joysticks:
    • aim and attack: one stick
    • movement: other stick
    • in settings screen assign stick tilts to every player action
  • Game pad with hat:
    • aim and attack: one hat
    • movement: same hat
    • in settings screen toggle "use hat to move" and "use hat to aim" with the same hat

Run the game

Please note the release button. There you can find executables for Linux and Windows. The game must not be installed. Simply unpack the .zip and run the executable. Linux users should make the file "Chaos-Projectile" executable. For that you can use the following command chmod +x Chaos-Projectile and start the game with ./Chaos-Projectile. To uninstall just delete the directory.

Used libraries

Compiling from source

After pulling the repository, you can run the game using the following commands:

apt-get install python-pygame python-pip 
pip install pytmx pyscroll
cd src

Or compile the game with:

python build

As the game was mainly developed on Debian-like systems, those commands assume Python and apt-get to be available. If you run the game on non-Debian operating system, you won't be able to run the first command. Thus, you will need to install pygame (used library) and pip (installer for the pytmx and pyscroll) from other sources.



  • Code by Anna Dorokhova is licensed under GNU GPLv3
  • 2D game art assets by Anna Dorokhova are licensed under CC-BY 4.0
  • Leveldesign and balancing by Maik Helfrich GNU GPLv3