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Releases: WinterMute/prboom

prboom 3DS

21 Jan 13:28
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Doom 3DS

Extract the archive, place the prboom folder on your SD card in the 3DS folder as specified by 3ds Hbmenu. Make sure you have hbmenu 1.1.0 or later - the version number will be displayed on the top screen.

Start button will bring up game menu and exit from menu. Controls in the menu are DPAD and Select/A to select menu item. B button goes back a menu level.

In game controls

DPAD and circle pad currently act as direction keys. B to select switches/doors etc. A to fire current weapon, Y to cycle weapon. Select toggles automap, Start toggles menu. L & R strafe.

Custom IWADs and PWADs

You can use xml shortcuts to supply arguments to prboom - standard command line works.