An Opensource App Aggregator !! This is where your shellscript meet javascript, Provisioning blends with Authoring!!
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Openapphack is an opensource application aggregrator.

Simplifies experimenting with opensource application . OpenAppHack projects can be used for testing and rapid prototyping of opensource solutions . OpenAppHack projects can also be run on low cost RPI cluster

The broader purpose is to provide a simplified path for full stack developers to quickly get started on opensource applications and experiment freely on deciding which opensource applications should be considered for building an opensource solution.


What is OpenAppHack Project?

An openapphack project is a git repository derived from one of the openapphack vm or cluster project templates

Openapphack and its subprojects help aggregate ,validate and test github repositories that derived from openapphack-vm, openapphack-cluster, openapphack-pi-vm, openapphack-pi-cluster repositories

Openapphack also enables end to end automation of application deployment which can be leveraged for prototyping and distributed deployment of opensource applications .

Openapphack uses opensource tools for provisioning , code authoring and scaffolding.

The project templates are

  • openapphack-vm : Template used for setting up a single openapphack vm.
  • openapphack-pi-vm :Template used for setting up a single openapphack vm on RPI's.
  • openapphack-cluster : Template used for setting up multi or load balanced/ HA cluster for the application.
  • openapphack-pi-cluster : Template used for setting up multi or load balanced /HA cluster on openapphack RPI cluster.

All openapphack projects github repositories must follows a naming convention and github repository names must end with either an xxx-vm, xxx-pi-vm ,xxx-pi-cluster or xxx-cluster to be picked up by the openapphack for analysis and testing.

Openapphack-vms/clusters leverages vagrant, ansible ,yeoman,virtualbox and docker for automation.

Openapphack subprojects and repositories

Openapphack core projects

Openapphack-shell(oah) : Shell for openapphack..

OpenAppHack-launcher(oah-app): Openapphack Launcher

Openapphack-stats : The repository that will be updated periodically with test results and details from validated openapphack-vm/clusters..

Openapphack Template Projects

Openapphack-vm : The repository from which all openapphack-xxx-vm repos are derived.

Openapphack-cluster : The repository from which all openapphack-xxx-cluster repos are derived..

Openapphack-pi-vm : The repository from which all openapphack-xxx-pi-vm repos are derived.

Openapphack-pi-cluster : The repository from which all openapphack-xxx-pi-cluster repos are derived..

Openapphack Extension Projects

This includes the various git repositories

  • openapphack-XXXX-launcher-plugins(oah-launcher-plugins),
  • ansible-role-openapphack-XXXX (oah-ansible-roles),
  • openapphack-XXXX-vm (oah-vms),
  • openapphack-XXXX-cluster (oah-clusters),
  • openapphack-XXXX-recipes (oah-recipes),
  • openapphack-XXXX-pi-cluster (oah-pi-clusters),
  • openapphack-XXXX-pi-vm (oah-pi-vms)

Openapphack dev tools projects

Openapphack-ansible-roles : Repository used to organize all openapphack ansible roles . These can be used by openapphack projects, You can also add your own ansible roles that work on openapphack-vm

Openapphack-yeoman-generators : Repository used to organize all yeoman generators used by openapphack vm/clusters. You can also add your own yeoman generators that work on openapphack-vm, more info

generator-openapphack : Yeoman generator to generate openapphack vms/clusters , would be reorganized under openapphack-tools..

Openapphack PI Cluster

An openapphack-pi-cluster can be used to test your openapphack pi-vm/cluster projects

Image of a DIY openapphack pi cluster

Contributing to this project

You can start contributing to this project by joining in on any of the openapphack projects mentioned above.

How do you start your openapphack project?

This section is currently being revamped as openapphack project is being reorganized to enable greated community participation.

Please join the community @!forum/openapphack , to know more about the project.

If you have any questions/suggestions please email to

Interested in going the extra mile :

If you want to contribute to the development of openapphack main project please do take a look at the issues

You can get details on the branching model that will be followed [here] ( ,


This project is licensed under the MIT open source license.


Still compiling this.. Lot of Folks to thank, we are standing on the shoulders of a lot of excellant programmers and a lot of opensource projects.

here is a list..