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Digital Ocean API Python Wrapper

Inspired by [dop](


# pip install dopy

Getting Started

To interact with Digital Ocean, you first need .. a digital ocean account with valid API keys.

Keys can be set either as Env variables, or within the code.

For API v.2.

# export DO_API_VERSION='2'
# export DO_API_TOKEN='api_token'
>>> from dopy.manager import DoManager
>>> do = DoManager(None, 'api_token', api_version=2)

For API v.1.

# export DO_CLIENT_ID='client_id'
# export DO_API_KEY='long_api_key'
>>> from dopy.manager import DoManager
>>> do = DoManager('client_id', 'long_api_key')


The methods of the DoManager are self explanatory; ex.

>>> do.all_active_droplets()
>>> do.show_droplet('12345')
>>> do.destroy_droplet('12345')
>>> do.all_regions()
>>> do.all_images()
>>> do.all_ssh_keys()
>>> do.sizes()
>>> do.all_domains()
>>> do.new_droplet('new_droplet', 66, 1601, 1)

The methods for v.2 API are similar, the only difference is using names instead of IDs for domains and slugs for sizes, images and datacenters; ex.

>>> do.show_domain('')
>>> do.new_droplet('new_droplet', '512mb', 'lamp', 'ams2')

Methods for Floating IPs are:

>>> do.all_floating_ips()
>>> do.new_floating_ip(droplet_id, region)
>>> do.destroy_floating_ip(ip_addr)
>>> do.assign_floating_ip(ip_addr)
>>> do.unassign_floating_ip(ip_addr)
>>> do.list_floating_ip_actions(ip_addr)
>>> do.get_floating_ip_action(ip_addr, action_id)


See github issue list - post if any needed