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Unofficial WiringPi Mirror

This is an unofficial mirror of WiringPi to support ports (Python/Ruby/etc). With the end of official development, this repository has become a mirror of the last "official" source release as well as a source for small updates to support newer hardware (primarily for use by the ports).

  • The final "official" source release can be found at the final_source_2.50 tag.
  • The default master branch contains code that has been written since that final source release to provide support for newer hardware.

Please do not email Gordon if you have issues, he will not be able to help.

Pull-requests may be accepted to add or fix support for newer hardware, but new features or other changes will not be accepted.

For support, comments, questions, etc please join the WiringPi Discord channel:


Gordon's Arduino wiring-like WiringPi Library for the Raspberry Pi (Unofficial Mirror for WiringPi bindings)



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