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Version 2.x of Gordon Henderson's Arduino-like WiringPi GPIO functions, wrapped up for Ruby.
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WiringPi is an implementation of most of the Arduino Wiring functions for the Raspberry Pi, this gem is a wrapper for the main wiringpi library and provides a nice OO interface with a few other handy helpers.


Install with gem install wiringpi2 or use bundler's Gemfile

source ''

gem 'wiringpi2' #

then: bundle install


#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'bundler'

io = do |gpio|
  gpio.pin_mode(0, WiringPi::OUTPUT)
  gpio.pin_mode(1, WiringPi::INPUT)

pin_state = io.digital_read(1) # Read from pin 1
puts pin_state

io.digital_write(0, WiringPi::HIGH) # Turn pin 0 on
io.delay(100)                       # Wait
io.digital_write(0, WiringPi::LOW)  # Turn pin 0 off

You will need to run your scripts as root because WiringPi accesses /dev/mem



For a complete run-down see the pins page of the wiringpi website. alt text alt text


Full details on the wiringpi website.

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