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x Add support for osx 10.9
x Replace rxtx library
x Add support for Windows 8.1
x Fix random and map issue with longs
x Add New hardware Serial and FIFO libraries thanks to Brett Hagman
x Add buffer checking to String and Vector
x Add error checking for Vector
x Add NewSoftSerial library from Mikal Hart
x Add Messenger library from Thomas O Fredericks
x Schematics now as .png files
x Add SPI library
x Add power management commands powerEnable() powerDisable()
x Add ShiftIn(), ShiftOut() revised
x Editor sync with Processing to the latest features
x Wire library static buffers fix
x Serial monitor autostart after upload in Preferences dialog box
x Remove force to save before uploading
x Fix for Tone from Brett Hagman
x Reference and examples update
x Fix auto reset on Windows 7
x Fix problem with gcc distribution, many class constructors weren't working
x Minor fixes for include files
x Reference update
x Fix PWM pins 29, 30 1nd 31 not working
x Fix tone() noTone() methods
x Reference update
x antlr preprocessor removed
x Floats print bug fixed
x New examples for portMode, portRead and portWrite added
x Servo library update by Michael Margolis
x Fast digitalWrite added as an inline function to test it (Paul Stoffregen, Michael Margolis)
x Added support for new Wiring hardware atmega1281/2561 microcontrollers, timers, interrupts etc.
x New AVR Toolchain Wiring distribution for Windows / OSX / Linux
x boot loader support for atmega1281/2561 microcontrollers
x add character classification and conversion functions to the API and reference
x Include for Wire library was renamed from TwoWire.h to Wire.h, check and update old sketches
for the new include name, or delete it and use the menu Sketch -> Import Library -> Wire, this
will add the proper include to the sketch.
x Other Math functions added to the reference
x Added library Timer2
x Fix Save As when sketch has schematics
x Add tone() and noTone() commands
x Support for sketchbook libraries folder
x New reference and examples system. Note that the Wiring web site examples html files
are locally included within the Wiring software and accessible through the Help Menu.
Because of the new examples system, the library Examples are added twice (through File ->
Examples -> Libraries and the previous way File -> Examples -> Library-xxxxx). This will
be fixed for next release.
x The Stop toolbar button was removed from the Environment, instead the Schematics button
was added. If the schetch includes circuit schematics a window with the diagram will
be displayed. The Schematics window includes two buttons [ Reset ] and [ Close ], the Reset
button resets the diagram position to default, the Close button closes the Schematics
Window. It is possible to resize the Window and pan its content with the mouse.
x Fix bug in the editor when typing some reserved words (new), fixed Tab bug as well.
x Fix bug in the serial missing data under certain conditions
x Add support for sketchbook/libraries folder, libraries will be listed in the Sketch ->
Import Library - > menu under contributed
x Added support for local sketch code, it is possible to include in tabs .cpp .h and .c
files, note those files are not preprocessed, so no error line highlight will be provided
on .cpp, .c or .h sketch files.
This feature is nice for developing libraries in your sketch folder and then move them
to your sketchbook/libraries folder.
x When new sketches are created the setup and loop methods will be on the editor.
x Keypad and Password libraries by Mark Stanley and Alexander Brevig added to libraries.
x Write String class
x add new and delete operators for char[], int[] and long[] arrays
x Write and add Vector class
x Update reference
x Update Firmata
x Replace Servo library with Michael Margolis new Servo library
x add splitString helper functions
x write new examples for String and Vector
x Sync with processing editor
x Fix Serial thanks to Pierre
x Update avr toolchain
x Fix Documentation errors in html files
x Sync with processing editor
x Fix example error reporting
x Fix Encoder library bug, thanks to Nameet Kumar
x Fix Documentation errors in html files
x Fix Serial1 buffer memory bug
x Add bootloader with lower waiting time for auto reset wiring board 0004
x Add auto-reset feature for boards revision 0004 and up
x Fix Serial buffer critical section bug
x Fix Multiple analogRead bug
x Fix Firmata examples
x Add flush() method to the Serial library
x Factor out print to Print class from LiquidCrystal and Serial library
x Add support for printing floats with the print command, right now with 2 decimal numbers by default
x Add bit, byte and word support functions bit() bitRead() bitWrite() lowByte() highByte() and makeWord()
x Add reference for the new commands
x Fix pulseIn() command
x Add Firmata library
x Update linux jre
x Add two-way serial monitor
x Fix bug with shiftOut command
x Add Binary.h to WProgram.h
x Add examples and diagrams to distribution reference
x Fix null pointer serial error throwing when there is no serial or disconnected
x Remove sampling from analogRead command (note from Adrian Freed)
x add map function
x add timeout for pulseIn
x fix avrdude for macosx 10.4
x Fix nasty PWM bug preventing from the PWM to be stopped by analogWrite(line, o)
x Fix bug using 8 servos at a time
x Change PWM resolution to 10 bits, now possible values are from 0-1023
x add Tom's SoftwareSerial and Stepper libraries
x add support for stk500v2 protocol through avrdude
x add documentation for WiringMini and USBAdapter
x Fix bug in preferences preventing the browser starts from the Help menu
0013 Add support for the #include directive
x from now on, libraries are not linked automatically except Serial
x editor fixes
x pulseOut added
x added documentation for bitwise operators
x fix errors in reference
x fix stdlib.h bug
x examples update for #include directive
x fix mac distribution svn files removal
0012 Fix PWM issue
x fix bug with the String equals(String) missing method
x Update avr toolchain
x Add Troubleshooting/ I/O board to the distribution
x Fixes for the editor
0011 Fix external interruptions support
0010 String library added
x Support String as a datatype
0009 core
x fixed QSlide bug, added initWiring function for library writers
0008 pde
x fixed serial bug seting the speed
x fixes on the editor
x added reference for new interrupts commands
0007 pde
x fixed bug with the math library linking
x fixed forced save before uploading to i/o board
x fixed documentation
x fixed millis and freidns to be unsigned long
0006 pde
0005 pde
0004 pde
0003 pde
x check the existence of an option to display the sketch forder when updating in the proferences file
x check bug for the undo
0002 pde
X added florian's new icons
_ make sure that the preproc stuff gets built once
_ especially straight out of cvs
_ also out of cvs
_ check for necessary tools to be installed
_ zip, unzip, jikes, etc
_ resize box intrudes on the scroller for the console area
_ horizontal scroller is always present
_ creating sketchbook / lab situations
_ test to see if it's possible to write to "My Documents"
_ if not, should bring up a prompt asking where to put sketchbook
_ also put something in lib/preferences.txt for default location
_ this way a course admin can change the default location
_ allow to use doubles on casting -- particularly for Math.cos() et al
_ ctrl-tab to switch between tabs
_ make notes about preproc
_ subclasses need to use "public void keyPressed" not "void keyPressed"
_ round() is not colored
_ add serial.last() to api
_ also bring back serial event via reflection
_ "save as" shouldn't show save as dialog for sketches
_ unless that's the current mode that's being used
_ "new midlet" option.. keeping things open for midlet projects
_ track loadImage() with filenames that are inconsistent
_ i.e. mixed case filename in sketch is different in windows
_ but when uploaded to a unix server causes a serious problem
_ use canonicalPath to flag possible problems
_ mouse wheel broken in the text editor? (windows jdk 1.5?)
_ make font builder vertically resizable
_ 200 pt font hoses things / hides buttons
_ save caret position when switching tabs
_ add mnemonics for menus (alt-f to open 'file')
_ if additional tab is "public" class.. then make external?
casey notes
_ sketches no longer require a "data" folder
_ "draw" is not highlighted as a keyword.. other keywords?
_ draw(), PGraphics(), NO_DEPTH_TEST, PMovie(), PMovie.repeat()
_ PClient(), PClient.available(),,
_ PServer(), PServer.dispose(), PServer.write(), attach(), length
_ example that uses loop/noLoop, or redraw?
_ talk to creas about making html files for bugs, readme, revisions.
_ or how they should relate to the 'faq'.. readme -> faq?
_ make a sketch that shows loading from the web
_ make another sketch that shows loading from a file
_ nanoxml problems with manifest
_ make exit() and/or size(0, 0) work for scripts
_ if videoEvent exists, don't auto-read?
_ though for serial this would only grab the last byte
_ video bug on osx? an error message when quitting video sketches: Bad file descriptor
_ at Method) etc... ).
_ how to queue lib events until the end of loop
_ call them inside post()!
_ bring back some form of beginSerial/beginVideo
_ openSerial(), serial()..
_ should it prompt or use the first available if none specified?
_ serial - if null serial port name, prompt for one
_ if "" for name, use the default / first in the list
_ run library destroy after hitting 'stop'
_ quicktime audio doesn't stop after hitting 'stop'
_ weirdness external stop not calling stop(), just finished = true
_ properly handle non-ascii chars in p5 folder name
_ or at least warn the user to install somehwere else
_ track down the cause of the processing.exe not starting bugs
_ different name for 'lib' folder because of libraries folder
_ implement new version of history
_ make history folder, and a zip (not gz) file for each entry
_ history causing trouble - super slow with a huge sketch
_ could instead be gzipped and appended to history.dat
_ along with another file that is actually a table of offsets
_ no need to make the thing a gzip stream
_ checkbox on menu for 'record history' ?
_ history converter option?
_ only first 20 entries visible?
_ zlib file becoming corrupt (not flushed after close?)
_ shortcut to walk through history, ala photoshop (ctrl-alt-z)
_ keypressed hanging on applets with a code folder
_ problems running external vm/vm is hanging
_ seems to be happening because of virus scanning software (norton)
_ may need to launch the applet (using 'start')
_ and talk over a socket instead
_ something in that one about mouse position halting or not
hanging bug
to try: 1) don't use a bufferedreader.. just read it and then use a
buffered reader around the byte array 2) don't do anything with the
input, and just read it off without signalling message()
* it may be something to do with the editor consoles. try shutting off
output to the console and see if it'll still crash.
* most likely related to io streams to the external java process. when
run via a disconnected process, using "cmd /c start java", the thing
will never hang. in that instance, the process terminates almost
immediately, and no i/o needs to happen (since it's a cmd prompt that
never shows up).
* it could also be a graphics sync bug that just gets more testy
because the environment, a second java process, is running at the same
time. mis.newPixels() may hork since it's over in the applet's thread,
and it might be calling repaint() or Toolkit.sync() to update the
image on-screen.
* shows up on key presses.. not sure if this is because of the actual
key press, or if it's because they're often accompanied by a println()
* blank spaces in filenames/parent folder often cause trouble.. not
sure if related. same for PATH and CLASSPATH.
* some virus scanning software, particularly older NAV versions cause
the trouble.
static apps/scripts
_ static applets need to be able to resize themselves on 'play'
_ figure out what to do with static apps exported as application
_ needs to just hang there
_ scripts (w/ no graphics) will need to call exit() explicitly
_ compiling - main file is a .java not a .pde
_ also where no root .pde file with the same name.. (i.e. video)
_ on "new library" fill in the default code for the lib
_ record imports from java files as well
_ ignore imports from java.* or maybe just things pde's classpath
_ after export of library, rebuild "import library" menu
really nasty bugs (fix in 0070 if possible)
_ threading issues on casey's laptop
_ odd error in System.err stream coming from running external
_ dies after a while or goes weird
_ make sure exceptions with .class work
_ openStream returning 'null' really horked up the letters applet
_ no System.out was coming through
_ System.err was getting cut off before finishing
_ support for editor plugins
_ make dynamically loaded plugins and "tools" menu
_ break out beautify as its own plugin
_ make beautify plugin "Auto Format"
_ //for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
_ } catch (IOException e) { }
_ need to ignore comments.. but not those inside quotes.. oog
_ ignores colons for case statements
_ need to tie this to the parser instead
_ do a better job of maintaining cursor during beautify
_ only beautify a particular section of code
o make "get quicktime libs" function
o can java get the root directory for system/win32 etc?
_ write a threading example
_ or handle this some more intelligent way, super.stop() is needed.
export stuff
_ make multiple jar files thing work as an option
_ applet default is one file, application default is multiple
_ user in advanced mode can switch to the other
_ buttons on side of sketch do default (last) behavior
_ include a note that 'applet' folder will get emptied/rewritten
_ or rename the old applet folder to something else? (nah, too messy)
_ redo preferences panel to use proper swing layout etc
_ exception in setup() on external app doesn't kill run button
_ also doesn't kill external vm
_ make preferences a modal dialog
_ package for PdeBase, PdeEditor..
_ video - try to replicate bug that causes hang with camera
_ happens when winvdig, camera or quicktime are not properly installed
0071 or later
_ write export-to-application
_ lock feature for present mode (part of export to application?)
_ application can still do serial (qt, other stuff?)
_ applet runs in browser, though applet on cbagel is everything..
_ include main class info for executable jar file with jdk > 1.2
_ not difficult to do, just some tweaking once applet export works
_ wrapper that invokes the applet using a copy of the jre
_ main() method needs to set layout manager if jexegen is to be used
_ (msft vm defaults to null layout manager)
_ also make sure pack() is happening
_ add to exported applets so that applications will work
_ BApplet.main(new String[] { "flashcards3" });
_ this will need to detect whether the user has their own main()
_ or even BApplet.main(new String[] { getClass().getName() });
_ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF contains just "Main-Class: ClassName"
_ main sticking point will be serial/qtjava in exports
_ write export-to-library
_ need to be able to produce the serial, video, etc libs
_ see if sonia project can compile
_ implement horizontal version of PdeEditorButtons
o is PdeEditorHeader one pixel too tall?
_ menu option for Renderer > to "Core" or "OpenGL"
_ on export, uses this setting to determine if jogl is added to project
_ add a "make archive" option
_ doesn't rename sketch, just names zip file sketch + time stamp
_ need showError/Message/Warning/Prompt design from casey
_ maybe something that shows stack trace?
_ with an 'email this' button? (include source code too?)
_ also need a "prompt" dialog for asking filenames, etc
_ implement and remove PdeEditorStatus stuff
PDE - Processing Development Environment
PDE / Details
b _ running present mode with a bug in the program hoses things
b _ make sure the program compiles before starting present mode
1 _ processing.exe: problem if expert version is run, and no java installed
1 _ call the person a genius and tell them to install java
1 _ make some fancy extendo things because the tabs get too big
1 _ tie .pde files as documents of the application
1 _ figure out proper registry key for windows
1 _ can be handled when the app first run (jni?)
1 _ write handler for main() to take document names
1 _ need document icons
1 _ add MRJOpenApplicationHandler and MRJOpenDocumentHandler
1 _ especially the open document fella
1 _ under osx, app won't get doc unless app already launched
1 _;action=display;num=1094149466
1 _ implement page setup and print
1 _ pretty printing of code in project
1 _ option to just print all code in project
1 _ option to export all the code as colored html
1 _ p5 becomes a memory hog (benelek and glen murphy)
1 _ even without sketches open, perhaps not gc'ing properly
1 _ objects probably not getting finalized
1 _;action=display;num=1050134854;start=0
1 _ need to check if volume is read-only, notify and quit if it is
1 _ people are trying to run off the disk image
1 _ need to pay attention to when running from read-only drive
1 _ reported by brandenberg
1 _ "p5 will launch from the disk image, but will
1 _ not draw the sketch name bar doesn't appear"
1 _ size() has memory limitations (pitaru)
1 _ catch OutOfMemoryError inside size() and let the user know
1 _;action=display;num=1038847001
1 _ verify editor buttons working properly
1 _ they're not.. mostly unresponsive, and often get stuck
1 _ is play button properly unhighlighting?
1 _ does it unhighlight after compile or runtime errors?
1 _ also when using draw() instead of loop()
1 _ applet needs to notify runner that it has terminated
1 _ if export fails (compile error) need deselect
1 _ exceptions in draw() apps aren't caught
1 _ the program resize(200, 200); just does nothing (doesn't complain)
1 _ if 'void' left out before loop or setup, cryptic message about
1 _ 'constructor loop must be named Temporary_23498_2343'
1 _ add a better handler for this specific thing?
1 _ menu weirdness (benelek)
1 _ when u've got a menu open, move a cursor over the text area
1 _ and back over the menu, the text-area cursor type remains.
1 _;action=display;num=1043667859
1 _ scroll bar has some painting weirdness with jedit textarea
1 _;action=display;num=1042351684
1 _;action=display;num=1083787569
1 _ rename/saveas doesn't properly have its focus set
1 _ under windows, immediately typing after rename doesn't select
1 _ the whole thing is selected, but not directly editable
1 _;action=display;num=1075149929
1 _ Ctrl-Z will undo, but not scroll to where the undo happens.
1 _ so user thinks nothing is happening and overundo.
1 _;action=display;num=1064220242;start=0
1 _ figure out how to cancel 'save changes' on macosx and windows
1 _ macosx handleQuit seems to force termination (at least on 1.3)
1 _;action=display;num=1064732330;start=0
1 _ don't cache stuff from loadStrings and others
1 _ mac java vm won't give up old version of file
1 _ or use setUseCaches(false)
1 _ too many frames drawn before window visible - especially on mac
1 _ dim edit menus as appropriate during selection/no selection/etc
1 _ switch to newer revision of jedit?
1 _ is enormous horizontal scroller issue fixed properly
1 _;action=display;num=1083787569
1 _ make export put a timestamp in the html code (hidden or visible)
1 _;action=display;num=1075659029
1 _ find/replace
1 _ add support for hitting 'ESC'
1 _ option to ignore or match case
1 _ when hitting 'find', select the text in the field
1 _ give that field focus explicitly, rather than just for typing
1 _ right now, typing works, but no caret, no blue highlight
1 _ and on second find run, should instead select all the find string
1 _ so that typing will replace it directly
1 _ only enable "find next" in menu after a find has happened
1 _ drag & drop implementation to add files to sketch
PDE / Compiler
1 _ warn about writing non-1.1 code.
1 X will jikes do it if the -source is set to 1.1? nope..
1 X notes inside PdeCompiler
1 _;action=display;num=1079867179;start=0
BUGS / Preprocessor
1 _ casting problems in the parser
1 _ float u = float(x)/width; works.
1 _ float u = (float(x)/width); doesn't work: "unexpected token: float".
1 _ float u = (x/float(width)); works!
1 _;action=display;num=1084011098;start=0
1 _ if last line of code is a comment with no CR after it,
1 _ an OutOfMemoryError wants to happen,
1 _ but right now there's a hack to add a CR in PdePreprocessor
1 _ return (int(5.5)) causes an error
1 _;action=display;num=1083624993;start=0
1 _ random, single slash in the code doesn't throw an error
1 _ (just gets removed by the preprocessor)
1 _;action=display;num=1099371066;start=0
PDE / Font Builder
1 _ close/hide window on 'ESC'
1 _ loading is very slow on the first time (getting all font names)
1 _ show a progress/status bar while it's happening?
1 _ font builder chopping off parts of letters
1 _;action=display;num=1076358432;start=0
PDE / Features
b _ some notion of plugins for pde
b _ color picker or other things written by folks
b _ add all .jar files in lib/plugins on startup
b _ make some kind of internal color picker
b _ could be a separate window that's always around if needed
1 _ external editor -> add a command to launch
1 _;action=display;num=1043734580;start=0
_ refresh sketchbook menu upon returning to the app from elsewhere?
_ this would need to track whether coming just from an ext runtime
PDE / Console
1 _ error messages run off the edge and go invisible
1 _ actually this is just for the editor status box
1 _;action=display;num=1074894329
1 _ multi-line errors a mess in jikes
1 _ maybe a dropdown list thing, with the first just shown?
How the environment gets packed up, downloaded, and installed.
b _ need to change all the copyrights over to mit "except where noted"
b _ needs to auto-remove .DS_Store boogers
b _ write script to remove .DS_Store and CVS folders from dist
b _ # remove DS_Store files
b _ sudo find . -name ".DS_Store" -depth -exec rm {} \;
b _ need more comprehensive list of 'known bugs'
b _ need more comprehensive list of 'known suggestions'
b _ javadoc "advanced" reference by beta
b _ and then finalizing it towards 1.0
b _ document hint() commands for advanced reference
b _ beta release will include source code
b _ write notes about running p5 on another platforms
b _ this was some feedback from running on bsd:
b _ /usr/local/jdk1.3.1/bin/java -cp lib:lib/build:lib/pde.jar:lib/kjc.jar:lib/oro.jar:java/lib/ext/comm.jar PdeBase
b _ need to use the 1.3 vm, and get a fake platform name
b _ otherwise, goes looking for lib/ or something
1 _ if size() not found in export/compile, ask the user
1 _ size(myWidth, myHeight) -> set static var in BGraphics
1 _ for the last size that was used, use as default for fill-in field
1 o modify antlr stuff to conditionally recompile in
1 _ compile antlr inside the initial setup of the work dir
1 X done for macosx
1 _ fix this for windows and linux
1 _ about box
1 _ bring up information about gpl, lgpl, and ibmpl
1 _ jedit syntax is under mit license
1 _
BUGS / Windows
1 _ NullPointerException when alt is pressed
1 _ might be something to do with the applet frame being an awt not swing
1 _ event first goes to the applet listener, needs to consume the event
1 _;action=display;num=1061802316;start=0
1 _;action=display;num=1077058974
1 _;action=display;num=1081751451;start=0
1 _ p5's exe prolly has trouble when PATH has quotes (or spaces?)
1 _;action=display;num=1068388889
1 _ CLASSPATH figured out what to do with quotes, but not PATH
1 _ winamp/audio getting starved or crackly while applets running
1 _ thread priority too high? or something weird
1 _ need splash screen, startup takes a long time
1 _ doesn't seem interested in quitting properly (?)
b _ splash screen
1 _ ctrl-t is not stopping a sketch
1 _;action=display;num=1074810469
b _ add mkdmg script to macosx build process
b _ could significantly speed things up
b _ set nice background for disk image on macosx
1 _ test more to see if runtime exceptions are coming through
1 _ track down error in PdeCompiler for message parsing
1 _ was missing the error about a package being gone
1 _ can comment out /System/Library/ as a test
1 _ Contents/Resources/Java can take jnilib files
1 _ set file type/creator for .pde files of examples
1 _ would be nice to have macosx packaged up as a single .app file
1 _ is there a way to set the color of the Frame growbox?
1 _ currently it's white instead of dark gray like the ui
1 _ setBackground(Color) didn't seem to help inside PdeBase.<init>
1 _ use disk:// notation as panther alternative
1 _ so that it doesn't download the disk, just mounts it
1 _ although.. this only works on panther.. how many are using it?
1 _ mac standard key combinations for moving around in the editor
1 _;action=display;num=1093116515
_ graphics engine up to spec
_ video/net/sound up to spec
X multiple files open
X compile libraries within p5
_ quality of compiler errors + multiple errors
X additional class files.. .java or .pde
X find/replace
_ documenting how the environment works / is set up
X find/replace
X println speed improvements
_ 'debug' that shows a variable (rather than many many println)
X tabs for multiple files
2 _ setting breakpoints / stepping through
2 _ useful as understanding for how program works
2 _ tracing like director
2 _ tracing variables
2 _ bspace object
b X 7 day search on discourse board
My grab of examples/libraries that I'd like to make. Most of these are
things I've already written in some form or another, but need to take
the time to package up and release.
_ example showing quicksort code
_ and how to implement/use as an inner class
_ arcball
_ joystick
_ particles (from multip?)
_ phyics & collisions
_ look at the 'havoc' physics library
_ java3d classes for vec3f and matrix
_ quicktime exporter or image sequence export
_ fairly quick--just use experimental code from dbn
_ more advanced splitting of files into rows/cols uses another class
_ other class also has concept for random access of lines
_ by storing the line positions, can access without loading all
_ into memory because some files will be too large
_ read table/csv formatted data into a matrix
_ pseudo-database format version of this that stores indexes to file
_ rather than loading the whole thing at once
_ history.. add my diffs sketch (as a plug-in)
_ could just include a compiled version of the diff app, ala jikes
_ something about using regexps in p5
_ wrap up oro for simple matching
_ (as alternative to the sun classes.. link to those in the docs)
_ method for file handling, recursive walk-through a directory
_ file i/o: file listing util that leaves out . and ..
more random thoughts
_ stroke picker
_ just lineweight, so don't bother.. use constants palette instead
_ font picker
_ same thing, just quickly generates fonts on the fly and applies them
_ need to look at matlab's visualization tools
_ arcs, better 'color' object
_ take everything in perl cookbook, and make easy to do with p5
_ database access and reading large files are always hangups
_ support capabilities of matlab's visualization tools
_ charting/labeling primitives.. excel never quite does it
_ botting engine
_ difficulty of initial grab/analysis of data, that may take some time
_ then needs to be stored and run on multiple times
_ methods for picking colors.. how to color code, limit to 5? gradients..
_ simple way to do tufte-style small multiples on an app
_ function for reporting percent finished (or swing dialog)
_ also for reporting the amount of time remaining
_ loading/selecting a file (or folder), or from command line
_ load large file as lattice (option of whether to keep in memory)
_ how many rows/columns for headings
_ walking through an entire directory, with a handler
_ that throws out the . and .. items
_ that knows about aliases (jdk13)
_ overall contrast/color control (genomevalence for hulk)
_ mac -> vlw (or sbit?) font converter
_ need to also read the fond for metrics
_ general bitmap font editor, see what chars are in font, etc