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Commits on Jan 18, 2012
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+Wiring: an open-source programming framework for microcontrollers.
+Wiring has three major components:
+* The Wiring Language: A thin layer on top of C++ which simplifies the
+ process of writing embedded programs.
+* The Wiring Framework: A C and C++ API for writing embedded programs,
+ either using C++ or the Wiring Language. Currently, a implementation
+ of the Wiring framework exists for 8-bit AVR
+ microcontrollers. Support for the STM32 line of ARM Cortex M3 and M4
+ microcontrollers is in progress.
+* Wiring IDE: A cross-platform Integrated Development Environment
+ (IDE) used to write, compile, and upload programs written in the
+ Wiring language to boards which support the Wiring Framework.
+This source code repository contains the Wiring Framework and the
+Wiring IDE.
+Getting Wiring
+This is the source code repository for the Wiring IDE and Wiring
+Framework. If you just want to write and upload programs, your best
+bet is to download an existing binary release. These are available at
+the Wiring web site for Windows, Mac, and Linux:
+If you are interested in developing Wiring, you'll need to build the
+IDE using this repository. For more information, see the file
+build/howto.txt (in this repository).
+Developing Wiring
+Development discussion takes place on Please ask any development-related
+questions there. To subscribe, send email to:
+Archives are available online at:
+The developers' portal on the Wiring Wiki is here:
+Repository Structure
+The Wiring repository structure is as follows:
+* IDE/: Contains the Java sources for the Wiring IDE. The main entry
+ point is in IDE/processing/app/
+* framework/: Contains the Wiring Framework, associated libraries, and
+ its implementations. These implementations (called "cores") contain
+ the nonportable code which targets a concrete microcontroller (or
+ family of microcontrollers).
+* build: Files used when building the Wiring IDE.
+* out/: [generated] This directory is autogenerated during the build
+ process. It contains all of the build artifacts. After a build, this
+ directory includes any downloaded dependencies, Java class and jar
+ files, and the distributable IDE bundles.

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