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Makes your Issues easier and better than ever: add Github Issues in two clicks though a handy bookmarklet, attach screenshot and more!
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Purpose of this project

This tool aims to give a simple access to all non-technical protagonists of a projet to Github issues and add some extra features like screenshots upload.

Based on Silex micro-framework and Twitter Bootstrap.


Clone the project: git clone

Retrieve submodules (Twitter Boostrap) content: git submodule update --init

Run composer: composer install (more info on

Create your local config file and edit it: cp app/config/config.php.dist app/config/config.php vi app/config/config.php

Chmod your upload dir chmod 777 web/upload


  • debug : boolean -> whether in production or not
  • base_url : string -> url to your web directory, where index.php is located
  • locale: string -> default app language (en, fr currently)
  • repositories : array -> list of repositories managed by the tool

Pending repo

pending_repo : use a temporary repository for lambda users if you do not want to give access to your final repository to them. Define in which repo pending issues are stored and transfer them to final repo after approval

false if do not want to use this feature

'pending_repo' => array(
    'user' => 'userforpendingrepo',
    'repo' => 'repoforpendingrepo',
    'allowed_users' => array('thisusercanapprovependingissue', 'thisonetoo', 'andalsothatone'),


  • v 1.2.0 Added Pending Issues
  • v 1.1.0 Added Bookmarklet
  • v 1.0.0 Initial version


  • PHP 5.3.x
  • curl extension activated


  • add label(s) when creating a new issue


add issue bookmarklet

Add an issue via Bookmarklet

add issue bookmarklet 2

Add an issue via Bookmarklet (bis)

Github Issue with screen

View screenshot directly in Issue + extra infos!

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