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The missing Javascript smart persistence layer. Unified localstorage, cookie and session storage JavaScript API.


Basil aims to ease the frontend storage management for developers. It strives to be bulletproof and handle disabled cookies, full localStorage and other unwanted native storage exceptions..

When you try to store something, basil will automatically look through all the available storage mechanisms and find the best suited one to store your value. It also handles storage of complex javascript objects using json.

Basic Usage

basil = new window.Basil(options);

// basic methods
basil.set('foo', 'bar'); // store 'bar' value under 'foo' key
basil.set('abc', 'xyz'); // store 'xyz' value under 'abc' key
basil.get('foo'); // returns 'bar'
basil.keys(); // returns ['abc', 'foo']
basil.keysMap(); // returns { 'abc': ['local'], 'foo': ['local'] }
basil.remove('foo'); // remove 'foo' value

// advanced methods
basil.check('local'); // boolean. Test if localStorage is available
basil.reset(); // reset all stored values under namespace

Advanced Usage


basil = new window.Basil(options);

// force storage on the go through basil
// set 'bar' value under 'foo' key in localStorage
basil.set('foo', 'bar', { 'storages': ['local'] });

// set 'bar' value under 'foo' key.
// try first to store it into cookies and if not possible into localStorage
basil.set('foo', 'quux', { 'storages': ['cookie', 'local'] });

// set 'xyz' value under 'abc' key in memory
basil.set('abc', 'xyz', { 'storages': ['memory'] });

// set value without JSON encoding
basil.set('foo', '{ "bar": "baz" }', { raw: true }); // will save { "bar": "baz" } as string

// retrieve keys
basil.keys(); // returns ['foo', 'abc']
basil.keys({ 'storages': ['memory'] }); // returns ['abc']

// retrieve keys map
basil.keysMap(); // returns { 'foo': ['local', 'cookie'], 'abc': ['memory'] }
basil.keysMap({ 'storages': ['memory'] }); // returns { 'abc': ['memory'] }

Native storages

// Access native storages
// With basil API, but without namespace nor JSON parsing for values

// cookies has specific options
Basil.cookie.set(key, value, {
  'expireDays': days,
  'domain': '',
  'secure': true,
  'sameSite': 'strict'

// localStorage
Basil.localStorage.set(key, value);

// sessionStorage
Basil.sessionStorage.set(key, value);


basil = new window.Basil(options);

// store data under default namespace
basil.set('hello', 'world');

// store data under a given namespace
basil.set('hello', 42, { 'namespace': 'alt' });
basil.set('abc', 'def', { 'namespace': 'alt', 'storages': ['memory'] });

// retrieve data
basil.get('hello'); // return 'world'
basil.get('hello', { 'namespace': 'alt' }); // return 42

// retrieves keys
basil.keys(); // returns ['hello']
basil.keys({ 'namespace': 'alt' }); // returns ['hello', 'abc']

// retrieves  keys map
basil.keysMap(); // returns { 'hello': ['local'] }
basil.keysMap({ 'namespace': 'alt' }); // returns { 'hello': ['local'], 'abc': ['memory'] }

// remove data under a given namespace
basil.remove('hello', { 'namespace': 'alt' });
basil.get('hello'); // return 'world'
basil.get('hello', { 'namespace': 'alt' }); // return null

// reset data under a given namespace
basil.reset({ 'namespace': 'alt', 'storages': ['local', 'memory']});


Here is the whole options object that you could give to Basil:

options = {
  // Namespace. Namespace your Basil stored data
  // default: 'b45i1'
  namespace: 'foo',

  // storages. Specify all Basil supported storages and priority order
  // default: `['local', 'cookie', 'session', 'memory']`
  storages: ['cookie', 'local']

  // expireDays. Default number of days before cookies expiration
  // default: 365
  expireDays: 31

  // keyDelimiter. The value used delimt the namespace from the key name
  // default: '.'
  keyDelimiter: '.'



  • Firefox 3.5+
  • Internet Explorer 7 (requires json2.js)
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Chrome 4+
  • Safari 4+


List plugin

This plugin mimics Redis Lists methods and behaviors. Here are the (yet) supported methods.

basil = new window.Basil(options);
basil.lindex(key, index);
basil.linsert(key, where, pivot, value);
basil.lpush(key, value);
basil.lrange(key, start, stop);
basil.lrem(key, count, value);
basil.lset(key, index, value);
basil.ltrim(key, start, stop);
basil.rpush(key, value);

Set plugin

This plugin mimics Redis Sets methods and behaviors. Except sscan all the methods are implemented.

basil = new window.Basil(options);
basil.sadd(key, member [members ...]);
basil.sdiff(key [keys ...]);
basil.sdiffstore(destination, key [keys ...]);
basil.sinter(key [keys ...]);
basil.sinterstore(destination, key [keys ...]);
basil.sismember(key, member);
basil.smove(source, destination, member);
basil.srandmember(key, [count]);
basil.srem(key, member [members ...]);
basil.sunion(key [keys ...]);
basil.sunionstore(destination, key [keys ...]);


To generate the production files, make sure you have already installed the dependencies using npm install and then just use:

npm run-script build


To launch the test suite, make sure you have already installed the dependencies using npm install. Tests are launching in all your installed browsers. They're also launched on Travis CI, in PhantomJS.

npm test
npm run-script test-plugins


MIT. See