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Learning life (and learning how to code along the way)
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Introduction to Web Development 💻

Let's Build Your Personal Website

Beta Team Starter Kit

Members of the Beta Team, are students of life.

This is a resource for individuals who are ready to take the first step.

Are you ready?

Build Your Own Personal Portfolio Website

All of the lessons on how to build the personal portfolio website are in the wiki. 🔧

To see the live site 👀: test this out

If you have any questions, feedback, or brilliant ideas on how to make this better, add to our #feedback channel in our slack team. 🎉

Website template provided by:

Spectral by HTML5 UP | @ajlkn Free for personal and commercial use under the CCA 3.0 license (

A big, modern, blocky affair with a mobile-style menu, fully responsive styling, and an assortment of pre-styled elements. So, pretty much what you were expecting -- except, of course, for how it's put together, specifically:

  • It's built with components from my Responsive Tools project.

  • It uses flexbox, which eliminates all kinds of terrible hacks and clunky layout stopgaps (like CSS grid systems).

  • It uses Sass* a lot more intelligently, thanks in part to several new mixins and functions I've been working on (as well as a few by @HugoGiraudel).

    (* = still entirely optional if you prefer vanilla CSS :)

  • A ton of other stuff.

In short, Spectral's the culmination of several new things I'm working on/trying out, so please, let me know what you think :)

Demo images* courtesy of Unsplash, a radtastic collection of CC0 (public domain) images you can use for pretty much whatever.

(* = not included)

AJ | @ajlkn


Demo Images:
	Unsplash (

	Font Awesome (

	jQuery (
	Scrollex (
	Responsive Tools (
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