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All public projects from Without Haste.
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All Projects

A list of all public projects from Without Haste.

Code Notes

Collection of notes and code snippets from over a decade of programming.


A standalone JavaScript library for rendering code dependency diagrams on your web page.

Supports: UML diagrams, nested scopes, arrows crossing scopes, and aliases.


EarlyDocs generates Markdown documentation for your .Net library, based on your Xml comments and object structure.

Install the EarlyDocs NuGet package to insert EarlyDocs into your build process. It will run after your project build is complete. Errors in EarlyDocs will not affect your build.

Built on top of WithoutHaste.DataFiles library.

Tamarin Task Manager

Bare-bones task manager for single users, mainly intended for my own use.

Saves to Microsoft Excel 2003 XML format (version-control-friendly).



Desktop word processor aimed at mathematicians, scientists, and students. Includes inline formula writing (WYSIWYG LaTeX) and elegant graphs.

Perpetual Paint


Desktop paint application for coloring in black and white outline images using graying-fill instead of tolerance-fill.

.Net Libraries


.Net library for loading or creating XmlDocument, ExcelPackage, .Net XML documentation, or Markdown files.

Install with NuGet.

Basis for EarlyDocs.


.Net library for color operations.

  • Load and save color palette formats: ACO, GPL, PAL
  • Convert colors between color spaces: RGB, HSV, CMYK, Hexadecimal


.Net library of shape/geometry calculations and operations.


.Net library for Windows Forms extensions.

  • Behavior extensions
  • Custom controls

3D Printing Models

Any 3D printing models I've needed.


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