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Christian Freedom! and related materials

Support Site: We're on the web as

Christian Freedom!

The whole book is a work in progress.


  1. Intro and License
  2. Chapter 1 -The Philosophy (Expanded for Christians)
  3. Chapter 2 - Why we are having these challenges today
  4. Chapter 3 - The Yahweh Names, and why each matter
  5. Chapter 4 - The Prophesy of the Law, and how it was fulfilled
  6. Chapter 5 - Truth of Romans 13, and why it has nothing to do with Government
  7. Chapter 6 - Can I come unto God?
  8. Chapter 7 - More on the religion that we call Government
  9. Chapter 8 - What is the burning lake? Why would you bother fearing it?
  10. Chapter 9 - A closing note to Christians, Other Theists, Atheist and Agnostics.
  11. Chapter 10 - What now? The meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Work in progress

Supplemental Information

Work in Progress

  1. Getting Suckered Into Fearing Money
  2. Distances Traveled On The Wrong Paths
  3. Not Seeing The Violations Of Nonaggression Against God's People
  4. Does God need a starship?
  5. Rotting life or Eternal life
  6. Putting on Christ Jesus so that you can take the world off
  7. God (Adonai), An Interview
  8. Dear ordained clergy,
  9. The end times: A Mathew 24 walkthough

Work yet to be posted

  1. Turning to the fountain of living waters
  2. The renewed mind: Knowing what is good
  3. Walking the book of Romans
  4. Shedding fear
  5. Living your new life in Christ
  6. Marriage and the state, vs Marriage and Christ
  7. Christ vision
  8. The one body, Husband and Wife
  9. Coaching your children to think, while they get to learn Christ
  10. The work ethic of a sound minded Christian
  11. Why the Apostle Paul was so hard to understand 2000 years ago, and why we are still having these problems
  12. Circumcision: What was of the flesh, is now of the heart
  13. Why all the water, a reality of the water baptism
  14. Meditation: Why it was so important in the bible
  15. Receiving the Holy Spirit Today.

Freedom! by Adam Kokesh the book that inspired Christian Freedom!

NOTE: Still being converted over from raw .txt to .md. Unicode characters are a pain.

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1: The Philosophy
  3. Chapter 2: A Brief History of Power
  4. Chapter 3: War
  5. Chapter 4: Personal Security
  6. Chapter 5: Taxation
  7. Chapter 6: Economics
  8. Chapter 7: Other Destructive Rackets
  9. Chapter 8: Government & Love
  10. Chapter 9: True Personal Freedom
  11. Chapter 10: The Future of Freedom
  12. Afterword

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Creative Commons License
Christian Freedom by Brian Webb is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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