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Azure Sphere micropython
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Azure Sphere micropython

This is a simple example how to use micropython in Azure Sphere ( may be bugs yet )

Version: 1.02

  • Add Led
  • Add I2C
  • Add socket
  • Add curl

Used Board: Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter AES-MS-MT3620-SK-G by Avnet

import utime as time
import Pin 

print(' <py> Azure Sphere 2019 Hello World')
for i in range(5):
    print(' <py> i =', i)

pin_8 = Pin.output(8, 0, 1)
for i in range(20):
    Pin.set(pin_8, 1)
    Pin.set(pin_8, 0)


How To

  • Need installed Azure Sphere SDK
  • Python 3
  • MAKE ... I use from MinGW
    • Select the mingw32-base-bin
    • Add C:\MinGW\bin\ to your path
  • Download micropython
  • Move this folder azure-minimal to micropython/ports
  • Open folder azure-minimal
  • Open Makefile and edit your paths [ CROSS_DIR, SYSROOT, PYTHON ]
  • Execute make.exe
  • Run PACK_IMAGE.BAT (edit path to azsphere)
  • Run UPLOAD.BAT (edit path to azsphere)


  • Log_Debug() is redirected to real uart AVNET_AESMS_ISU0_UART ( 4 )
  • is executed script ( packed to image )
  • if source is compiled ( make ), edit only >>> pack_image >>> upload
  • app.image is precompiled example can be uploaded for test


  • Added socket
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