Convert Excel, Stata, and Unicode time format strings
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This handy C library can read and write time format strings in three formats: Excel (TFS_EXCEL), Stata (TFS_STATA), and Unicode (TFS_UTS35).

It can also read, but not write, format strings in SAS format (TFS_SAS) and SPSS format (TFS_SPSS).

Example usage:

#include "tfs.h"

char result[100];
int error = tfs_convert("mm/dd/yyyy", TFS_EXCEL, result, TFS_UTS35);
if (error == 0) {
    printf("%s\n", result); /* prints "MM/dd/y" */

It is up to the developer to ensure the output buffer is large enough to hold the result.

Type "make" to build the library and "make test" to run the test suite.