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Another bot for posting arts to your timeline.

Currently posting on:

For posting you have two ways:

  • First way: use arts from local folder /sources. In this case you should either manually move them to the destination or
  • (venv) them by:
  • To make a post the local-way, use the script!
  • Second way: repost each art from danbooru! In this case you don't have to store anything on your local storage, but this way it gets much harder to control quality of posts!
  • To make a post danbooru-way, use the script!
  • Edit tags.dat file. You can look at already defined tags and use it as example
#first line is for tags you want to search the arts with (must be exactly 2)
#second line is for tags you decline from posting completely (as many as you want)
#third line is for tags you want mastodon to mark as sensitive (as many as you want)
  • Don't forget to setup your bot account, get access tokens and establish the environment around it. I am not providing any instructions of how to do it, since all the steps are different and depend on what, where and how you want to run the bot.

  • That's all!

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