Yet Another Native Audio Plugin for Cordova
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Yanap (yet another native audio plugin)

This Cordova's plugin is an alternative to the cordova-plugin-media and cordova-plugin-nativeaudio/cordova-plugin-lowlatencyaudio plugins to play audio from native on Android. It may support iOS in the future.

Main features we have in mind while developing it are:

  • gapless audio loops
  • low latency playback for short sounds

Basic usage

var Yanap = cordova.plugins.Yanap;

var myBackgroundLoop = new Yanap.AudioInstance(Yanap.AUDIO_TYPE.LOOP);

// and when it is not needed anymore...
// myBackgroundLoop.stop();
// myBackgroundLoop.release();



Enum of available audio instance types:

Yanap.AUDIO_TYPE.LOOP  // for -relatively- long audio tracks that need to loop
Yanap.AUDIO_TYPE.MUSIC // for -relatively- long audio tracks
Yanap.AUDIO_TYPE.SOUND // for short audio files (fx, ui...)


Enum of possible audio instance status:

Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS.ERROR    // something bad happened, instance cannot be used anymore
Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS.EMPTY    // instance has been initialised
Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS.LOADING  // currently loading
Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS.LOADED   // loaded successfully
Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS.PLAYING  // currently playing
Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS.LOOPING  // set when looping the first time and re-triggered at each consecutive loop
Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS.STOPPED  // playback reached the end or has been manually stopped
Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS.RELEASED // all resources for this instance have been released


  • LOOPING is available only for audio types LOOP
  • PLAYING and STOPPED are not available for audio types SOUND

Yanap.AudioInstance(audioType, onStatusUpdate)

Audio instance constructor.

  • audioType can be any value present in Yanap.AUDIO_TYPE.
  • onStatusUpdate is an optional method that will receive a Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS as first parameter and a string containing additional information as second parameter (mostly used when an error happened).
var mySong = new Yanap.AudioInstance(
	function onStatusUpdate(status, additionalInfo) {
		if (status === Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS.ERROR) {
			return console.error('error: ' + additionalInfo);
		console.log('new status: ' + status);

This creation is successful even if audio type is invalid (it would fail during the loading).


Used to load a file.

  • filePath is a string:
    • relative to application asset folder if string starts with file:///android_asset/
    • else an absolute path if string starts with file://
    • else a relative path to application cache directory
// example 1: if you want to be sure that audio is ready before trying to play it
var myLaserFx = new Yanap.AudioInstance(Yanap.AUDIO_TYPE.SOUND, function (status) {
	if (status === Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS.ERROR) {
		return console.error('error: ' + additionalInfo);
	if (status === Yanap.AUDIO_INSTANCE_STATUS.LOADED) {;

// example 2: if you want to play automatically when loaded and don't care about errors
var myLaserFx = new Yanap.AudioInstance(Yanap.AUDIO_TYPE.SOUND);

Used to start or resume an audio instance playback.


Used to interrupt an audio instance playback.

Yanap.AudioInstance.setVolume(channel1, channel2)

Set audio volume.

  • channel1 and channel2 represents the left and right speakers.
  • Values are in a range of 0.0 ~ 1.0.


Has to be called when you don't need an audio instance anymore. It's automatically stopping playback before releasing all resources.


Size of the audio file in bytes. Default is -1.


Static method used to stop and release all audio instances.