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Facebook Requirements and Set-Up [Web App]

To use this plugin you will need to make sure you've registered your Facebook app with Facebook and have an APP_ID

This guide is for browser only. View the other guides for native setup.

www/js/facebookConnectPlugin.js contains the JavaScript SDK and API file. The API matches as close as possible to the native APIs.

Example App

Host the platforms/browser/www folder on a server and configure your Facebook dashboard correctly (see setup) to test the Web APIs. For localhost testing on OS X see the Jekyll guide


This plugin requires Cordova CLI.

To install the plugin in your app, execute the following (replace variables where necessary):

# Create initial Cordova app
$ cordova create myApp
$ cd myApp/
$ cordova platform add browser

# Remember to replace APP_ID and APP_NAME variables
$ cordova -d plugin add --variable APP_ID="123456789" --variable APP_NAME="myApplication"


  • You must add the following somewhere in your index.js:
<div id="fb-root"></div>
  • The difference between the JS API and Native is that the Facebook JS SDK must be initiated. Here is an example:
if (window.cordova.platformId == "browser") {
   	facebookConnectPlugin.browserInit(appId, version);
   	// version is optional. It refers to the version of API you may want to use.
  • In your facebook develop website settings page, add your server's domain to app doamin (or localhost for testing).