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Facebook Requirements and Set-Up [PhoneGap Build]

To use this plugin you will need to make sure you've registered your Facebook app with Facebook and have an APP_ID

This guide is for PhoneGap Build only. View the other guides for native setup.


To install the plugin add the following to your config.xml:

	<gap:plugin name="com.phonegap.plugins.facebookconnect" version="<VERSION>">
        <param name="APP_ID" value="<YOUR_APP_ID>" />
        <param name="APP_NAME" value="<YOUR_APP_NAME>" />


  • ** <VERSION> ** - Version of the plugin. For example 0.8.0
  • ** <YOUR_APP_ID> ** - The Facebook application identifier. For example 123456789
  • ** <YOUR_APP_NAME> ** - The name of your Facebook application. For example Super Great App

Upgade your code on PhoneGap Build website:


You should now see the following: