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WIZnet W5500 / NXP LPC11E36 based Web server example project
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HTTP Server Example for W5500-EVB

Common to Any MCU, Easy to Add-on. Internet Offload co-Processor, HW TCP/IP chip, best fits for low-end Non-OS devices connecting to Ethernet for the Internet of Things. These will be updated continuously.

How to Use

The HTTP server library is roughly composed of the following functions.

  • httpServer_init(): Handler the HTTP server initialization (user's buffer, H/W sockets for HTTP)
  • reg_httpServer_webContent(): Function for example web page registration
    • webpages, javascript function pages, images and etc.
  • httpServer_run(): HTTP server process handler in main routine.

** web page examples are located in 'webpages.h' file.

W5500-EVB uses AJAX method and pre-defined CGI function to configure the network or monitor and control the I/O.

CGI for W5500-EVB consists the 'Request name + .cgi' using HTTP GET/POST request method. The CGI for each HTTP methods are handled as below.


  • The method for getting the values from web server
  • Passed in the form of a JavaScript callback function parameters
    • Same structures as JSON
    • The function name in the HTTP response body must be the same on the Web page's JavaScript Callback function name
    • e.g., If the 'function IoStatusCallback' is Javascript function name in the Web page, web server must pass the data as next; DioCallback({"dio_p" : "0"}, {"dio_s" : "0"}, {"dio_d" : "2"})


  • The method for putting the changed values to web server
  • Values are passing by the Web form element
  • Key-value pairs; Each pair is separated by '&' and the Key/value of a pair is represented by '='
    • e.g., 'Pin : 1, Val : 1' ⇒ 'Pin=1&Val=1'

Pre-defined GET/POST CGI Name Example

  • GET (Get)

    • get_netinfo.cgi (Network information, Return MAC/IP/GW/SN/DNS/DHCPen)
    • get_dio0.cgi ~ get_dio15.cgi (Digital I/O D0 ~ D15, Return Pin/Status/Direction)
    • get_ain0.cgi ~ get_ain6.cgi (Analog Input A0 ~ A5 and A6 for on-board temp.sensor+Potentiometer)
  • POST (Set)

    • set_diostate.cgi (Setting the Digital I/O status, Post requset have to includes 'pin=x&val=y', 0(low) or 1(high))
    • set_diodir.cgi (Setting the Digital I/O direction, Post requset have to includes 'pin=x&val=y' 0(notused) or 1(input) or 2(output))

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How to add a submodule of ioLibrary in project

  • $ git submodule add project_src/ioLibrary
  • $ git commit -m "description"
  • $ git push

How to clone a submodule of ioLibrary

  • $ git clone
  • $ git submodule init
  • $ git submodule update

Revision History

Last release : Feb. 2015

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