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  • Added KC certification


  • WizFi360-EVB-Shield V1.0 Initial Release



WizFi360-EVB Official Wiki page

1. Overview

This document describes WizFi360-EVB. WizFi360-EVB is a development board for experiment, test and verification of WizFi360. WizFi360-EVB can also be used as an Arduino shield.

WizFi360 is a low cost and low-power consumption industrial-grade WiFi module. It is compatible with IEEE802.11 b/g/n standard and supports SoftAP, Station and SoftAP+Station modes. The serial port baud rate can be up to 2Mbps, which can meet the requirement of various applications.

2. Features

  • WizFi360

    • WiFi 2.4G, 802.11 b/g/n

    • Support Station / SoftAP / SoftAP+Station operation modes

    • Support “Data pass-through” and “AT command data transfer” mode

    • Support serial AT command configuration

    • Support TCP Server / TCP Client / UDP operating mode

    • Support configuration of operating channel 0 ~ 13

    • Support auto 20MHz / 40MHz bandwidth

    • Support WPA_PSK / WPA2_PSK encryption

    • Serial port baud rate up from 600bps to 2Mbps with 16 common values

    • Support up to 5 TCP / UDP links

    • Obtaining IP address automatically from the DHCP server (Station mode)

    • DHCP service for Wireless LAN clients (AP mode)

    • Support DNS for communication with servers by domain name

    • Support “Keep-Alive” to monitor TCP connection

    • Support “Ping” for monitoring network status

    • Built-in SNTP client for receiving the network time

    • Support built-in unique MAC address and user configurable

    • Support firmware upgrade by UART Download / OTA (via WLAN)

    • Industrial grade (operating temperature range: -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C)

    • CE, FCC, KC certification 

  • ETC

    • Built-in UART to USB chip
  • CP2104-GM

    • Micro USB B Type Connector
  • UART Selector

    • JP1, JP2, JP3
    • 2.54mm Pin Header
    • Built-in Sensors
  • Temprature/Humidity Sensor: DHT11

    • CDS Sensor: GL5537
  • Built-in Tact Switchs

    • System Reset Switch: S1
    • WiFi Reset Switch: S2
    • Built-in LED Indicators
  • D13 LED

    • Built-in Level Shifters
  • The voltage of the RXD/TXD signal changes according to the main board platform voltage.

    • Built-in DIP Switchs
  • UART RXD/TXD Selector: SW1

    • UART RTS/CTS Selector: SW2
  • Sensor/RESET Pins Selector: SW3

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