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ioLibrary Driver

The ioLibrary means “Internet Offload Library” for WIZnet chip. It includes drivers and application protocols. The driver (ioLibrary) can be used for the application design of WIZnet TCP/IP chips as W5500, W5300, W5200, W5100 W5100S.


This driver provides the Berkeley Socket type APIs.

  • Directory Structure


  • Ethernet : SOCKET APIs like BSD & WIZCHIP(W5500 / W5300 / W5200 / W5100 / W5100S) Driver
  • Internet :
    • DHCP client
    • DNS client
    • FTP client
    • FTP server
    • SNMP agent/trap
    • SNTP client
    • TFTP client
    • HTTP server
    • MQTT Client
    • Others will be added.

How to add an ioLibrary in project through github site.

Revision History

  • ioLibrary V4.0.0 Released : 29, MAR, 2018

    • New features added: Library for W5100S added.
  • ioLibrary V3.1.1 Released : 14, Dec, 2016

    • Bug fixed : In Socket.c Fixed MACraw & IPraw sendto function.
  • ioLibrary V3.1.0 Released : 05, Dec, 2016

    • Internet application protocol add to MQTT Client (using paho MQTT 3.11)
  • ioLibrary V3.0.3 Released : 03, May, 2016

    • In W5300, Fixed some compile errors in close(). Refer to M20160503
    • In close(), replace socket() with some command sequences.
  • ioLibrary V3.0.2 Released : 26, April, 2016

    • Applied the erratum #1 in close() of socket.c (Refer to A20160426)
  • ioLibrary V3.0.1 Released : 15, July, 2015

    • Bug fixed : In W5100, Fixed CS control problem in read/write buffer with SPI. Refer to M20150715.
  • ioLibrary V3.0 Released : 01, June, 2015

    • Add to W5300
    • Typing Error in comments
    • Refer to 20150601 in sources.
  • Type casting error Fixed : 09, April. 2015 In socket.c, send() : Refer to M20150409

  • ioLibrary V2.0 released : April. 2015

    • Added to W5100, W5200
    • Correct to some typing error
    • Fixed the warning of type casting.
  • Last release : Nov. 2014


ioLibrary_Driver can be used for the application design of WIZnet TCP/IP chips as W5500, W5300, W5200, W5100 W5100S.







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