Angular Carousel 3D
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Angular Carousel 3D

This repository is no longer maintained.

Feel free to create pull requests if you have some improvement, but I won't do any testing

Angular directive that allow you to build 3D carousel.

Carousel DEMO PAGE

Setup and usage :

  1. If you use bower, just run bower install angular-carousel-3d. If not, download files angular-swipe.js, carousel-3d.css, and carouse3d.js from the following github repos :

Note: you can download and use the minified versions as well.

  1. Add theses files to your code:
<link href="carousel-3d.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src="angular.js"></script>
<script src="angular-swipe.js"></script>
<script src="carousel-3d.js"></script>
  1. Add the angular-carousel-3d module as a dependency to your application module:
angular.module('MyApp', ['angular-carousel-3d']);
  1. In your template :
  • Add a carousel-3d attribute to any element.
  • Add ng-model with your array of objects
  • Add carousel3d-slide directive and ng-repeat to render slides
<div carousel3d ng-model="arrayOfObjects">
    <div carousel3d-slide ng-repeat="slide in app.slides track by $index">
            <img ng-src="{{slide.src}}" alt=""/>
            <figcaption ng-bind="slide.caption"></figcaption>

Note: the directive works with or without jQuery.

Directive attributes :

  • ngModel: an array containing the list of carousel slides
  • options: an object containing theses properties:
    • loop: slide looping (Default: false)
    • clicking: enable navigation with slide clicking (Default: false)
    • sourceProp image source property (Default: '')
    • visible number of visible slides (Default: 5)
    • perspective slide distance between z=0 (Default: 35)
    • animationSpeed slide animation speed in ms (Default: 500)
    • dir direction of the automatic slide (Default: ltr, Available options : 'rlt', 'ltr')
    • width: width of slide (Default: 360)
    • height: height of slide (Default: 270)
    • border: width of slide border (Default: 0)
    • space: space between slides (Default: auto)
    • topSpace: space XXXX (Default: auto)
    • controls: toggle arrow controls on carousel (Default: false)
    • startSlide: scale of background slides (Default: 0)
    • inverseScaling: scale of background slides (Default: 300)
    • autoRotationSpeed: scale of background slides (Default: 0)

Directive callbacks :

  • on-selected-click : Callback that is invoked when the center slide was clicked.
  • on-slide-change : Callback that is invoked when the slide is changed.
  • on-last-slide : Callback that is invoked on last slide selected.
  • on-before-change : Callback that is invoked before slide change. Prevent the carousel from sliding by returning the boolean value false inside the callback.


  • Vertical Carousel option
  • Add tests