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A simple study using css3 filters to replicate instagram effects -- using middleman
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A simple study using css3 filters to replicate instagram effects -- using middleman

Middleman is a static site generator using all the shortcuts and tools in modern web development. Check out for detailed tutorials, including a getting started guide. You can also follow @middlemanapp for updates.

Why Middleman?

Middleman gives the stand-alone developer access to all these tools and many, many more. Why would you use a stand-alone framework instead of Ruby on Rails?

These days, many websites are built with an API in mind. Rather than package the frontend and the backend together, both can be built and deployed independently using the public API to pull data from the backend and display it on the frontend. Static websites are incredibly fast and require very little RAM. A front-end built to stand-alone can be deployed directly to the cloud or a CDN. Many designers and developers simply deliver static HTML/JS/CSS to their clients.


Middleman is built on Ruby and uses the RubyGems package manager for installation. These are usually pre-installed on Mac OS X and Linux. Windows users can install both using [RubyInstaller].

gem install middleman
cd css-filter-example
bundle install --- to install the gems (libraries)
middleman server
access on your browser: http://localhost:4567

alt tag

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