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Example using the Eventlet Pool


This is a Celery application containing two example tasks.

First you need to install Eventlet, and also recommended is the dnspython module (when this is installed all name lookups will be asynchronous):

$ pip install eventlet
$ pip install dnspython

Before you run any of the example tasks you need to start celeryd:

$ cd examples/eventlet
$ celeryd -l info --concurrency=500 --pool=eventlet

As usual you need to have RabbitMQ running, see the Celery getting started guide if you haven't installed it yet.


  • tasks.urlopen

This task simply makes a request opening the URL and returns the size of the response body:

$ cd examples/eventlet
$ python
>>> from tasks import urlopen
>>> urlopen.delay("http://www.google.com/").get()

To open several URLs at once you can do:

$ cd examples/eventlet $ python >>> from tasks import urlopen >>> from celery.task.sets import TaskSet >>> result = TaskSet(urlopen.subtask((url, )) ... for url in LIST_OF_URLS).apply_async() >>> for incoming_result in result.iter_native(): ... print(incoming_result, )
  • webcrawler.crawl

This is a simple recursive web crawler. It will only crawl URLs for the current host name. Please see comments in the webcrawler.py file.