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Nginx HTTP Set Lang Module


An Nginx module that provides a variety of ways for setting a variable denoting the langauge that content should be returned in.

Methods for setting language variable

  • cookie
  • URL arguments
  • Accept-Language header
  • geoip
  • host
  • referer
  • POST variables (todo)


List the supported locales:

lang_list en nl fr;

If you want to read from and write to cookies (lang is the cookie name):

lang_cookie lang;

To make a (top-level) domain map to a certain locale:

lang_host com en;

And to read the language from the user and put it in a variable:

set_lang '$lang' accept_lang get post cookie geoip host referer default;

Working example:

lang_list en pt_BR;
lang_cookie lang;
set_lang '$lang' cookie accept_lang default;

The example above uses accept-language to give you any supported language. If no supported language is found than the $lang variable will be set to the first language in lang_list (i.e. en).


./configure --add-module=/path/to/ngx_devel_kit --add-module=/path/to/ngx_http_set_lang


  • Marcus Clyne (c) 2010
  • Rick van Hattem (c) 2011


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