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Welcome to WoW-Reign's BugTracker.

All known issues can be found here. If your issue is not here (search first) then we don't know about it.

When an issue is labled "Tweaking", it means we've confirmed the bug, but there is a workaround which enables you to finish it yourself. Quests with the "Tweaking" label is not to be completed by GM's. Please check the GitHub report to see what the workaround is in those cases.

If an issues is marked as "Won't Fix" please do not create a new report. It still won't be fixed and you will have just wasted your time.

If you want to report a new issue, please read the topic How to Properly Report an Issue first.

Most bugs will have a milestone associated with them that can be used to estimate to when the fix will be live.

Please try to add as much information as possible when logging a new issue. Use primarily our Armory or as an alternative WoWHead as your source of information for quests, spells, NPC and object IDs. Adding this sort of information will simplify a lot our work.

There is a template that should be used when you create a new issue so that the issues are easy to read and well structured.

What should I log here?

Basically, you should use this repository ONLY for game/server issues.

  • Quest issues
  • NPC issues
  • Spell issues
  • Core issues

What should I NOT log here?

Anything that is not connected to the server itself but specifically to you.

  • Connection issues
  • Donation issues
  • Ban or disciplinary issues
  • Complaints
  • Wishes (features or otherwise)

These kind of issues or requests have their proper ways of being handled, either by contacting us here or on our forum here.

Any issue created that do not follow the guideline above will be simply deleted without an answer.

Thank you,

Janitor, Testers and Devs