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How to Properly Report an Issue

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This is a simple guideline on how to report an issue in a way that makes it easier for us to reproduce and fix.

Before anything you must:

  • Search for an existing issue before reporting a problem as a new issue.
  • Is it a personal or character-specific issue?
  • Check if it is a UI or addon issue?
  • Are you using the Mania Launcher, and cleared your cache?

If you have not completed any of the points above you should NOT enter the issue here. If you need assistance with completing any of these points, open a ticket in the game (click the red "?" mark on the micro menu.)

Proper issue checklist:

  • Am I using the Wow-Mania client? (Note: don't even open an issue if not)
  • Am I using the latest Launcher? (if not, update it first. See )
  • Did I include the description of what is happening and a step by step guide on how to reproduce the problem?
  • Did I attach a screenshot or video of the issue?
  • Did I include the description of how it should work, including source proof?
  • Did I include NPC/Item/Spell names (or IDs) from or Armory?

Other Tips to help us help you

  • While we are as flexible as possible, our general position is that of status quo; i.e. we do not change unless we can prove how it is wrong.
  • Be descriptive and precise. (We are a small but dedicated team and not all of us have English as our first language - or even the 2nd. Remember: Screenshots and/or video can be the best description possible :) )
  • DO NOT log multiple issues in one (each boss/item/quest must have its own issue).

Please include links to reputable sources to confirm your statements. The acceptable list is:

Any source videos should show as it was before October 2010 i.e. not "Classic WoW" versions, as these do not always accurately portray actual WotLK retail experiences. We may potentially immediately close issues with links to other server or unacceptable reference materials.

Now that you have read and understood the guidelines click on the link below to go to the issues repository:

WotLK Issues:

Remember that if you rush to log a "FAKE" issue you will be delaying the fix of "REAL" issues. The more detail you put, the quicker it can be looked at, so, don't be lazy! Read the references about the quest, location of NPCs, spell values, etc before logging an issue. Try to find workarounds where possible.

Another point to keep in mind is that we are "Blizzlike" not Blizzard. So if a fight or any other aspect of the game is not exactly as you remember but still functional and does not affect the continuity of the game we will not fix it unless we have nothing else to do (which is probably never). We do not have 200 developers to deal with everything, so be selective about what you consider a bug.

Thank you!